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Native American Outreach

The OSU Center for Health Sciences offers various programs to introduce Native American high school students to medical school and to help them achieve their career goals.

Dr. Pete's Medical Immersion Camp

Dr. Pete's Medical Immersion Camp is a robust interactive experience allowing a select amount of high school students to develop a real understanding of the opportunity they have at solving the critical physician shortage being felt within the state. 


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Native OKStars Summer Research Program 

The Native Oklahoma Science Training and Research Students program is designed to encourage Native American students, in their junior or senior year, to pursue a career in the medical field and contains a cultural component from the Office for American Indians in Medicine and Science.


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Office of American Indians in Medicine and Science

The Office of American Indians in Medicine and Sciences (OAIMS) works to recruit more American Indian high school and college students into medicine and science careers.

One essential commitment is to ensure Native students’ academic success both in the classrooms and out. Mentoring and financial aid are two key elements for achieving long term goals for all students and OAIMS is a resource for guiding you in these and other critical areas.


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