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DNA Sample Collection

Our laboratory can collect your sample for DNA testing. Contact us at 1-800-299-7919 to set up an appointment. 


If you or another participant is not located within driving distance of our laboratory, we can assist you in locating a collection site that will collect the sample, complete the required documents and transport the sample to us. A chain of custody is maintained at all times.


Please contact us at 1-800-299-7919 to locate a collection site and assist you with setting up an appointment. We will sent a collection kit to that site to ensure that the correct forms are completed when your samples are collected.

What do you need for DNA relatedness testing?

  • Photo identification for everyone age 18 and older
  • Birth certificate for children under age 18
  • Name and contact information for all those who should receive a report, such as an attorney, adoption agency or government agency
  • Payment in full at the time of sample collection. We accept cashier’s checks or money orders made out to Oklahoma State University Human Identity Testing. Visa and Mastercard are also accepted. 

What should I expect?

All samples used by the OSU Human Identity lab for DNA testing are collected according to AABB collection procedures. AABB standards require the documents listed below.


Consent Form

Consent must be obtained from each tested person. In the case of a minor child who is less than 18 years old or a legally incompetent adult, consent is provided either from an individual who has legal authority to do so or for a tribunal with legal authority to do so. In order to provide consent for a minor child, the name of the individual providing that consent must appear on the birth certificate; a court of law can also order that testing be performed. Giving consent indicates that the individual being tested has knowledge of what testing will be provided and agrees to that testing. You will be asked to complete a consent form that will also be signed by the collector.


Sample collectors are responsible for ensuring that the correct individuals are being collected. They will ask for and will make a copy of your form of identification; in most cases, this will be your driver’s license or other legal identification. Identification for children is generally a birth certificate. If you have a question about what forms of identification can be accepted, contact us at 1-800-299-7919.


Chain of Custody

In addition to a consent form, the collector will begin a chain of custody for your sample. This chain tracks your sample throughout the DNA testing process to ensure that no unauthorized person has access to your sample. In order to properly maintain the chain of custody for your sample, our laboratory has secure access for all rooms where your testing is performed.

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