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Student Accessibility Services Forms

In order register to receive accommodations as an OSU CHS Graduate Student, you must complete the Intake application and submit appropriate, supporting documentation. It is suggested you review all forms before submitting the application. Once submitted, the application and documentation will be reviewed. Upon review, additional documentation may be required. An initial interview will be scheduled between the student and the Academic Coordinator for Graduate Programs where accommodations, student responsibility, processes, and procedures will be explained. The Academic Coordinator will then proceed with the appropriate notifications for implementation of the student’s accommodations.


All student information within the Office of Graduate Programs’ Student Accessibility Services is kept strictly confidential and only shared with other OSU CHS entities such as faculty members, on a need to know basis.


Notice: If you are enrolled as an OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine Student and are in pursuit of Accommodations, please instead visit here. Please be aware that if you are a dual degree graduate program and D.O. student, you will need to complete both processes.



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