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Family Medicine is the relationship between practitioner and families where the physician provides continuous care for all members of the family regardless of the number of illnesses encountered. The Department of Family Medicine at OSU emphasizes hands-on training in ambulatory care that closely parallels those settings students are likely to encounter as practicing physicians.


The philosophies expressed in osteopathic medicine and in the Department of Family Medicine include:

  • A holistic approach to health that includes all members of the family regardless of their disease process
  • An emphasis on health promotion and disease prevention
  • A focus on primary care
  • People-oriented rather than disease-oriented care

OSU has a long-standing tradition of training family physicians to meet the health care needs of Oklahomans, particularly those in rural and underserved areas. Our curriculum is heavily-oriented toward primary care.

Residency Programs

The family medicine residency programs are both three-year post graduate medical programs and ACGME accredited with Osteopathic Recognition.

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Student Education

Department of Family Medicine faculty are committed to providing outstanding educational opportunities for osteopathic medical students.

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Patient Care

OSU family medicine physicians provide osteopathic patient care at OSU clinics throughout the Tulsa area, promoting health and well-being for families.



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