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Bench to Bedside: Who We Are

The National Center for Wellness & Recovery (NCWR) was first established with a vision to provide “bench to bedside” solutions that address substance use disorder and provide new discoveries for treating chronic pain. The National Center for Wellness & Recovery provides a powerful approach that translates scientific research into clinical treatments based on feedback from our physicians on the front lines.


Learn more about our Addiction Clinic for patients and families


Success Through Collaboration

Through a national network of partnerships, NCWR promotes collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches to prevention, care, training, research, and public policy associated with the study, treatment and public understanding of pain, substance use and misuse. NCWR facilitates breakthrough research discoveries in pain and addiction that will have a lasting impact on health and wellness. Learn more about our partnership with The University of Arizona.


Our Story of Commitment

The story of NCWR is deep with commitment and a passion to destigmatize addiction and open pathways for treatment through cutting-edge research and treatment innovations.

A Message of Support from NIDA

Nora Volkow, M.D., Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) at the National Institutes of Health offers an important message of support for the pain and addiction research partnership between OSU and the University of Arizona.


Historic Settlement Advances the Mission

A historic settlement between the State of Oklahoma and Purdue Pharma in March 2019 established a $200 million endowment positioning NCWR to provide leading-edge research to treat the opioid addiction epidemic gripping the country. Outside of the legal settlement, Purdue provided NCWR with access to more than 25,000 research molecules developed to treat pain and addiction along with nearly 50,000 human biosamples from consenting patients enrolled in more than 20 Phase 2 and 3 clinical trials.

Areas of Focus

Through biomedical and clinical research, medical education and innovative patient care, we're bringing hope to the fight against opioid use disorder.

Biomedical Research

Investing in world-class fMRI technology to study critical areas of the brain and pain networks, and research labs to facilitate research for target identification, NME discovery and preclinical drug development.

Innovative Patient Care

Addiction medicine physicians and specialists are delivering compassionate, outpatient care at our Tulsa clinic, and expanding virtual addiction treatment services into rural health clinics across Oklahoma.

Medical Education

Through medical school curriculum, virtual training networks, case management review and seminars, we are preparing students, physicians and health care professionals to identify and better care for individuals with opioid and other substance use disorders.

Population and Clinical Research

We're improving pathways to healthier lives for rural and underserved populations through education, community partnerships as well as research that will readily assimilate into clinical care.

Donald J. Kyle, Ph.D.

CEO at the National Center for Wellness & Recovery
Donald J. Kyle, Ph.D. currently serves as CEO at NCWR. He is also an adjunct professor, department of biomedical science at Oklahoma State University. With more than 100 patents and nearly 200 publications, Kyle brings tremendous biomedical insight to the field of addiction medicine. “There are neurological adaptations associated with chronic pain and addiction, and new treatment options are needed. I work in these fields because I want to advance our understanding of their complex relationship,” Kyle explains.



Q&A with Don Kyle

Don Kyle shares why NCWR is uniquely positioned to combat the opioid crisis. Partnerships and collaboration between treatment and scientific communities is key to developing a new generation of therapeutic agents.

Our Mission

The National Center for Wellness & Recovery at OSU Center for Health Sciences is committed to improving the lives of those affected by pain and substance use disorders through treatment, education, research and policy. 


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