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Supervision (S)

adam bradley

Chair of Supervision

- Adam Bradley, D.O.

supervisorThe optimal clinical learning environment provides all members of the clinical care team and patients with mechanisms to raise supervision concerns. It also continuously monitors resident and fellow supervision to implement actions that enhance patient safety. For each resident and fellow, GME encompasses progressive levels of supervision throughout the educational program.


  • Semi-Annual update of Resident Privileging in New Innovations – available access to nursing staff
  • Annual resident survey on perception of their level of supervision and monitoring
    • Two questions regarding Supervision are within the Annual Survey. The Annual Survey is only available to residents/fellows participating in the survey while they are taking it; therefore, questions cannot be seen.
  • Exit survey question on resident preparedness for autonomous practice after graduation in their scope of practice
    • Do you feel you have demonstrated sufficient competence to enter practice without direct supervision? (Yes, Somewhat or No)
  • Patient Orientation Packet to include identification and roles of house staff involved in their care
  • Interdisciplinary Simulation Training – evolving

supervisionDirect Supervision –Supervising physician is physically present with the resident and patient.


Indirect Supervision – the supervising physician is physically within the hospital or other site of patient care and is immediately available to provide Direct Supervision




the supervising physician is not physically present within the hospital or other site of patient care but is immediately available by means of telephonic and/or electronic modalities and is available to provide Direct Supervision.




Oversight – the supervising physician is available to provide review of procedures/encounters with feedback provided after care is delivered. The privilege of progressive authority and responsibility,  conditional independence, and a supervisory role in patient  care delegated to each resident must be assigned by the program



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