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Teaming (T)

Ashton Clayborn, D.O.

Chair of Teaming

- Ashton Clayborn, D.O.

The optimal clinical learning environment supports high-performance teaming. The concept of teaming recognizes the dynamic and fluid nature of the many individuals of the clinical care team that come together in the course of providing patient care to achieve a common vision and goals. Teaming recognizes the benefits of purposeful interactions in which team members quickly identify and capitalize on their various professional strengths—coordinating care that is both safe and efficient. The team members collaborate and share accountability to achieve outstanding results.


  • Places emphasis on strategies that promote interprofessional interactionaround patient care
  • Eg.  Change of duty handoffs, transfers between service and locations


Transitions in Care

  • I-PASS Nomenclature for patient handoffs
  • Computerized handoff tool that structured within the medical record
  • Faculty periodically observe handoff process and give feedback
  • Communication to PD’s and faculty

Verbal Handoff Assessment

Faculty Observation & Feedback Tool for Giver & Receiver

Teaming Resources

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