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We provide learning opportunities for medical students interested in global health topics and international outreach.


To encourage and foster student interest in primary care, and further enable the success of students who plan to practice in rural and underserved areas.


We enhance experiential learning for our students and expose them to international health experiences and cultures in resource-deprived countries.


Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences offers a Global Health Track for a Minor in Global Health that emphasizes health issues, determinates, and solutions that go beyond national borders. 


The Global Health Track enhances real-world learning for students and exposes them to international global health care systems and cultures in countries with little to no resources. 


Research demonstrates that students who participate in a global health experience in a low-income country tend to select primary care residencies at a higher rate than their classmates. 


Students may apply any time during their first two years. Late applications will be considered from students who have not previously applied but have particapted in global health activities and one or more OSU sponspored global health courses. 

The track is limited to 15 students per year, and students remain in the track if they are in good standing academically and not on academic probation. 


Students also have the option to enroll in designated global health courses through the School of Health Care Administration to receive a graduate certificate in Global Health. 


The Office of Global Health and the Associate Dean for Global Health coordinate and facilitate the track, as well as monitor all students in the track by year of training as required by Clinical Education. They also verify all clinical sites meet the requirements of OSU Center for Health Sciences for safe student and faculty travel. 

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COM Students

The Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine Global Health Track

The primary goals of the OSU-COM Global Health Track are to provide quality health care to those living in rural and impoverished communities while providing medical students the opportunity to enhance their history, physical exam and diagnostic skills under the supervision of licensed health care professionals.


Medical students gain experience working in a country that has different medical, economic, environmental and cultural factors that influence quality of care, which will in turn foster a more global perspective on health care systems and improve communication skills necessary to deliver culturally sensitive health care.


The Global Health Track will expose students to common acute and chronic conditions, as well as emerging and unusual diseases significant to global public health. It will also provide an opportunity to participate in humanitarian outreach and promote the tenants of osteopathic medicine worldwide.

 Curriculum for the OSU-COM Global Health Track inlcudes:
Summer Global Health Externship CLME 8115 5 hours
Fall Global Health Selective CLME 9355 5 hours
Winter Global Health Selective CLME 9455 5 hours


OSU students working in at needs countries


Small group sessions starting in the second semester will be focused on upcoming trips, completed courses and pertinent global health topics facilitated by faculty and third-and fourth-year students.

Graduate Students

The Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences’ School of Health Care Administration Graduate Certificate in Global Health

The Graduate Certificate in Global Health aims to acquaint students with general aspects of global health as well as specific concentrations in more technical international health subjects.


Curriculum for the HCA Graduate Certificate in Global Health: 

Introduction to Global Health - 3 hours

Highlights the chronic, emerging and re-emerging global health issues and examines possible measures to address them.


Relief and Development in Global Health - 3 hours

Explores the roles and interactions of government and intergovernmental agencies as well as non-government organizations (NGOs) involved in global health.


International Health Systems - 3 hours

Provides an overview of the differences in global health care systems using a historical and socio-political context making extensive use of country case studies.


Emerging Global Infectious Diseases - 3 hours

Develops a realistic approach to addressing emerging global infectious diseases, emphasizing global health implications in the areas of prevention, surveillance and control.


OSU students in at needs countries





Global Health Track Locations include:

Uganda                        Nepal

Cambodia                    Belize

Guatemala                  Mexico

Malawi                         Greece


We have ongoing development of additional locations


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