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Health Sciences

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All-Gender Restrooms

List updated: 12 May 2021


Why All-Gender Restrooms?

All-Gender restrooms are restrooms that are not separated or marked by gender. 

To be used by anyone, all-gender restrooms are specifically advocated for to provide a secure and comfortable space for individuals who

  • are transgender and/or non-binary
  • require an attendant who is a different gender from them
  • are taking care of a child who is a different gender from them

Building/Campus Floor

OSU Center for Health Sciences

Tulsa Campus

1111 W. 17th St.

Tulsa, OK  74107

Forensics Building – Two on the first floor and two on the second floor

North Hall - First and fourth floors

OSU Houston Center

717 S. Houston Ave

Tulsa, OK

Second, third, and fourth floors

OSU Health Care Center

2345 Southwest Blvd

Tulsa, OK  74107

First floor

Hardesty Center for Clinical Research and Neuroscience

1013 E. 66th Pl

Tulsa, OK 

Two on the first floor 

OSU OB South

6126 E. 61st St.

Tulsa, OK  74136 

Two on the first floor 

OSU Facilities Building

2401 Southwest Blvd

Tulsa, OK  74107 

Three on the first floor 

OSU COM-CN at Tahlequah

W.W. Hastings Campus

19500 E. Ross St.

Tahlequah, OK  74464 

Three on the first floor 

Two on the second floor 


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