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Facilities Management Services

Baseline Services are planned and reactive maintenance activities funded at large by the general university budget and not billed individually to the department.


Services are performed on an as-needed basis determined by routine inspections to assess conditions or by need that arises unexpectedly affecting facility operation and safety. 

Submit a Work Order Request

To submit a Facilities Management request, please utilize the AiM Portal which can be accessed at:


Emergencies and high priority issues can be reported via the Facilities Management phone number at 918-561-8227.


Material Management

  • Event set-up
  • Office moves
  • Installation or relocation of wall-mounted shelves, bulletin boards, mirrors and other items

Asset Management and Surplus

  • Asset transfer
  • Asset disposal

The goal of the asset management is to assist university departments in effective management and accountability for their property, establish administrative control over fixed asset inventories, help establish a climate of responsibility for preserving the institution’s assets and interact with auditors, government officials and other cognizant reporting agencies. As employees of Oklahoma State University, each person is responsible for the equipment he or she works with and is accountable for the use of equipment purchased from all moneys with which we are entrusted. With accountability and departmental needs being utmost in our actions, the importance of maintaining an accurate inventory of fixed assets becomes imperative.

Locks and Keys 

  • Maintains campus lock system
  • Provides lock installation
  • Repairs existing locks
  • Issues key requests

Carpentry and Flooring Services

  • Repair of existing doors, doorstops, and hinges
  • Repair and maintenance of interior and exterior tiles
  • Repair/replacement of acoustical ceiling tiles
  • Repair to moldings, baseboards and weather stripping
  • Maintenance/repair of roofs, gutters, downspouts
  • Maintenance of window functions (hardware and glass)
  • Flooring maintenance to stop fraying, tearing, loosening

Paint Services

  • Touch-up of main hallways, handrails, moldings, doors, etc.
  • Painting building interiors at the end of their useful life

Electrical Services

  • Repair/maintain components such as breakers, panels, switches, plugs
  • Replacement of burned out lamps, bulbs and/or ballasts
  • Replace broken switches, receptacles, wall plates, etc.

Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Services

  • Responding to reports of inadequate room temperature
  • Calibrate thermostats, sensors, etc.
  • Changing air filters
  • Cleaning coils

Plumbing Services

  • Repair/maintain plumbing components
  • Repair/maintain drains and fixtures, including water fountains
  • Toilet, sink and faucet repairs

Elevator Services

Facilities Management maintains external contract arrangements for stand-by repair and maintenance on all elevators.

  • Annual inspections (weight capacity, evaluation on speed, wait and travel time, cables, hydraulics, etc.)
  • Regular maintenance (hydraulic fluids, computer diagnostics and upgrades, cleaning of pit, replacement of light bulbs in cab and buttons, etc.)

Landscape Services

  • Maintains all areas around the facilities including mowing, trimming, fertilizing, watering, and plant pest control
  • Tree planting and maintenance
  • Litter and outdoor debris pickup
  • Provides oversight, design and installation of new landscapes and renovations, irrigation
  • Snow and ice removal as needed

Pest Control Services

  • Maintains external contract arrangements for stand-by treatment of pests

Waste Management Services

  • Refuse (waste) dumpsters are located throughout facilities and are emptied on a scheduled route by a contracted service provider


  • Clean and resupply restrooms
  • Remove trash from classrooms
  • Clean drinking fountains
  • Sweep or vacuum floors in classrooms, public areas, conference rooms, and break-rooms
  • Wet mop floors in public areas, elevators and break-rooms
  • Dust and wipe down public areas, break rooms and conference rooms
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