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Health Sciences

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OSU student treating a women and child in Africa

Master's in Global Health

The Master of Science in Global Health aims to acquaint students with general aspects of global health as well as specific concentrations in more technical international health subjects. The Global Health program, under the School of Health Care Administration, emphasizes health issues, determinates, and solutions that go beyond national borders. The program enhances real-world learning for students and exposes them to international global health care systems and cultures in countries with little to no resources.


The Master of Science in Global Health degree requires 32 credit hours made up of 11 individual courses. Given the specialized nature of this discipline, the curriculum is prescriptive in order to provide the student with adequate preparation to enter either a governmental, non-profit or academic career setting. 


A research thesis is required for students pursuing a thesis option M.S. degree. Students pursuing this option will conduct original research, culminating in a written thesis that is presented as a seminar and publicly defended.


If the thesis option isn’t chosen, the creative component option must be chosen. The creative component option is fulfilled by enrolling in HCA 5052 Directed Readings. This class is 2 credit hours.


Locations where graduate and osteopathic medicine students can do hands-on learning and service include Belize, Cambodia, Greece, Guatemala, Malawi, Mexico, Nepal and Uganda.

Research and Faculty

Students work with international patients

The School of Health Care Administration faculty offer students a broad foundation in global health including understanding chronic, emerging and re-emerging health issues; developing ways to address global diseases; and understanding specific patterns that determine health outcomes.

Meet our Departmental Faculty



Admission requirements include a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 hours of undergraduate work. While not required, outline any health care experience, if any, and how the applicant sees the program benefitting their career in the goal statement. Prepare a one to two page typed double-spaced essay that includes the following:

  • Description of current job
  • Description of current and past health care experience, if any
  • What are your career goals?
  • How will the HCA program help achieve these goals?
  • Why are you applying to OSU’s HCA program?
  • What personal strengths will help you attain your goals?
  • What personal challenges do you face in achieving your goals?

Cost & Assistance

Oklahoma resident and non-resident tuition rates are applicable to students in the School of Health Care Administration. Students who take online courses, are charged a supplemental off-campus fee. Online courses require computer skills, computer equipment, and Internet access for full participation.


Tuition & Financial Aid

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