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Alumni Association Board

Board Members


roy ward


Roy Ward, D.O., M.H.A., President

Dr. Ward graduated from OSUCOM in 2011. He is residency trained in Family Medicine at OSU Medicine. Dr. Ward currently practices at the W.W. Hastings Indian Hospital in Tahlequah, Oklahoma where he is a staff physician in the emergency department. He also serves as the Assistant Chief of Staff for  Cherokee Nation Medical Staff, Site Director for the US Army Special Forces Medical Sergeant Clinical Training Course at Cherokee Nation, faculty for the Cherokee Nation Family Medicine Residency, and as Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professorin Rural Health and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine for OSU-CHS. 


blake middletoon


Blake Middleton, D.O., Past President

Dr. Middleton graduated from Oklahoma State University College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2013. He is fellowship trained in Sports Medicine at Texas A&M University in College Station and residency trained in Family Medicine at OSU Medicine. Dr. Middleton currently practices at McBride Orthopedic Hospital in Oklahoma City and is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Family Medicine at OU Health Sciences Center.


abby housman







Abby Housman, D.O., Vice President

Dr. Housman is a 2010 graduate of OSUCOM. She is residency trained in Family Medicine at OSU Medicine. Dr. Housman currently practices at Five Oaks Medical Group in Chickasha.


amanda carey


Amanda Carey, D.O., Treasurer

Dr. Carey graduated from OSUCOM in 2013. She currently practices at OSU Family Medicine at Eastgate and Health Care Center. She is the Associate Program Director for the OMECO THC Family Medicine Residency. Dr. Carey and her husband are both graduates of our medical school.


Greg Gray

Greg Gray, D.O., FACEP Secretary

Dr. Gray graduated from OSU in 1985 with a BS in Biochemistry.  He worked for the athletic department as a student trainer and EMT from 1980-1984, then OSU Fire and Safety (now Environmental Health) in 1984-1985 as an EMT.  Gray graduated from OSUCOM in '89 and completed his rotational-internship at Hillcrest in OKC.  He later completed his ER residency at OSU Medical Center in 1993.  He has been a staff member with St. Francis System since 1992 in the ER.  Presently, he works at St. Francis Hospital -South and is an Associate Professor of Clinical Education at OSU Medicine. 


darin tyson


Darin Tyson, M.S. Graduate Representative

Tyson graduated from OSU Center for Health Sciences in 2018 with a Master’s in Healthcare Administration. He currently resides in Rochester, New York, and is a Lead Program Manager at the University of Rochester Medical Center where he oversees a team of project managers that are focused on lowering the cost of healthcare delivery to the system while increasing satisfaction to the providers and patient.


Mackenzee Hester


Mackenzee Hester, Student Representative for OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine at Cherokee Nation 

Hester is from Washington, Oklahoma and is part of the inaugural class at OSUCOM at Cherokee Nation. She is Choctaw and was excited to be able to attend a medical school that had a partnership with  Cherokee Nation. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2020 with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology. Hester is keeping an open mind with regards to what specialty she wants to pursuit, but is most interested in surgery. Her favorite thing about OSU is the family atmosphere. Even when she was a prospective student, she felt welcomed and invited to be a part of the Cowboy family. She has a passion for continuing that inviting and collaborative environment as an Ambassador. 


 stephanie myers


Stephanie Myers, Student Representative for OSU Center for Health Sciences Graduate Programs

Myers is currently a PH.D. Biomedical Sciences Graduate Student at OSU Center for Health Sciences. Her research focuses on neuroinflammation in brain disorders as well as the pharmacological modulation of neuroinflammatory singnaling.


kelsey snider


Kelsey Snider, Student Representative at OSU Medicine in Tulsa

A native of Edmond, Oklahoma, Snider is a second year medical student at OSUCOM. She has a Bachelor's degree in Music from Oklahoma State University as well as a Master's degree in Music from the University of Cincinnati - College Conservatory of Music. She hopes to pursue a residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Snider is a current fellow with the Tulsa Schweitzer Fellowship.

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