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Veteran-Specific Content

Not all military personnel are/were soldiers.

Army personnel are called soldiers.

Air Force personnel are called airmen.

Coast Guard personnel are call Coast Guardsmen.

Navy personnel are called sailors.

Marine Corps personnel are called Marines.


Not all soldiers and marines are/were infantry. Here are some MOS (military occupational specialty) examples:

Combat Videographer 

Community Services 



Nuclear Reactor Engineer 

Water Support Technician 

Refrigeration/Air Conditioning Tech

Business Manager

Cyber Warriors

Financial Manager

Multimedia Illustrator

Packaging Specialist

Quarrying Specialist

Veteran holidays:

Memorial Day remembers those who have DIED WHILE SERVING.

Veterans Day honors those who HAVE SERVED.

Armed Forces Day honors those who are CURRENTLY SERVING.


What’s the difference between National Guard and the Reserves

The National Guard:

Available only in the Army (Army National) and Air Force (Air Force National)
Serves both state and federal capacity.
May be called upon to assist in community support, disaster relief, and other local emergencies.

The Reserves:

Available in all military branches.
Serves in a federal capacity under presidential command.
May be called upon in a national emergency to serve active duty.
During peacetime, they support the active duty forces in our country’s defense


Things to remember about veterans:

After military discharge, integrating into civilian life can be difficult. Please be patient and understanding.


When a service member serves, an entire family serves with them. Please remember spouses, children, parents, grandparents, siblings, etc.


Some veterans have mixed feelings about hearing ‘Thank you for your service.’ Instead of thanking the veteran, ask him/her a question such as “What branch were you in” or “What was your military job?”


Acceptable and unacceptable questions to ask a veteran

Acceptable questions to ask a veteran:

When did you serve?

What branch were you in?

Why did you choose that branch?

What was your military job?

Do you come from a military family?

Did you visit any other countries?

Where was your favorite place you lived?

What was bootcamp like?

Do you have any funny moments from bootcamp?

Unacceptable questions to ask a veterans:

Have you ever killed anyone?

Have you ever been shot?

Have you ever seen anyone shot?

Do you have PTSD?

Was it hard to get back to real life after the military?

Do you regret joining the military?

How could you leave your family for so long?

What's the worst thing that happened to you?

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