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Health Sciences

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Strategic Plan 2016 - 2026

This is a historic time for OSU Center for Health Sciences. Student enrollment is at an all-time high, new and innovative programs have been launched, fundraising has reached remarkable levels and capital additions and improvements have provided much needed learning and teaching space for our growing community of learners. While we have achieved much success in recent years, we recognize that it is necessary to plan thoughtfully and strategically for the future in order to sustain and accommodate continued growth.


In 2016, the faculty, staff and administration at OSU Center for Health Sciences developed our Towards Excellence ten year strategic plan. Our strategic plan builds on the momentum of the collective achievements of the past five years and establishes a roadmap to propel OSU-CHS to become a destination of choice for health sciences education, clinical care, and research.


Towards Excellence outlines the necessary steps that OSU-CHS has taken and will take to create an academic health center that is ready and able to address current and future healthcare and public health challenges facing communities throughout Oklahoma and across our nation.


To focus on our vision of excellence, we have identified strategic priorities that fall within four pillars, which are: 1) Educate; 2) Discover; 3) Heal; and 4) Engage. While we have a multitude of noteworthy projects and initiatives to support at OSU-CHS, we must prioritize our limited resources and allocate them in areas where we will make the greatest impact while staying faithful to our mission of training primary care physicians, health professionals, forensic practitioners and scientists for rural and underserved Oklahoma.


Every aspect of this strategic plan was formulated with the guiding principles of training tomorrow’s healthcare and health-related workforce, of eliminating health disparities in Oklahoma and of supporting research that enriches and improve the lives of Oklahomans. Our goal is to promote and improve the overall health of Oklahomans. Towards Excellence will enable us to use our resources, human capital and intellectual prowess to create a healthier, safer and more prosperous Oklahoma.

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