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Auditions & Interviews

In order to schedule an audition rotation, you will need to complete our application process outlined below. You will submit your application and documents to this website:


All of your documentation must be uploaded into our system before your application will be considered complete. I have included below a list of the basic documentation we will need for you to do a rotation, that way you can go ahead and get it ready to apply. Please do not send this to us now, as you will have to go through the application process to be considered.


Required Documentation:

  • Letter of Good Standing
  • Current CV and Photo
  • Immunization Verification Form
  • Background Check Report
  • Certificate of Malpractice Liability Coverage
  • Proof of Health Insurance Coverage
  • 10 Panel Drug Screen Report
  • Proof of Completion in Compliance Training for HIPAA, ACLS/BLS, Universal Precautions/BBP, TB Skin Test, Mask Fitting. This can be verified with either certificates of completion or a letter from your school coordinator.

*Class rank (recommended upper 25 percent)

*COMLEX 1 Score of 550 recommended

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