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Medical Student Clerkship

Medical Student Education

The Department of Pediatrics provides educational opportunities in pediatrics for medical students at the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine.  


Pediatrics Clerkship for Third Year Medical Students

The Pediatrics Clerkship is a four-week block that Pediatrics I clerkship, a one-month rotation done in the third year with selected faculty as assigned by lottery, includes a structured didactic program, in addition to practical experience in a primary care pediatrics practice.


In most cases, the student will accompany the pediatrician (preceptor) on hospital rounds in addition to the ambulatory office or clinic experience. Learning opportunities will be provided in the form of observation, discussion, and graduated degrees of performance under supervision, at the discretion of the preceptor, based on his/her assessment of the student’s readiness and the nature of the particular practice setting. Required materials are assigned, and the preceptor will apprise the student of a schedule for testing over the material. The student may also be required to attend lectures and give presentations of regular or special assigned readings, at the request of the preceptor.


Elective rotations are available to visiting medical students. Additional information on how to apply can be found here.


For more information, please visit the Office of Clinical Education.



Christel Dixon, D.O.

Pediatrics Clerkship Coordinator


Kelly Dipboye

Senior Administrative Assistant



Pediatrics – Houston Center
717 S. Houston Ave.
Suite 400
Tulsa, OK. 74127

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