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Health Sciences

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Faculty and student in the library

Master's in Health Care Administration

The School of Health Care Administration at OSU Center for Health Sciences trains leaders to guide hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other health organizations. A Master of Science in Health Care Administration (HCA) is ideal for those want to move into management or executive positions in health care. The program is offered in person or online, and no prior health care experience is required.


The Master of Science in Health Care Administration degree requires 32 graduate credit hours which includes a thesis or creative component project. There are two options HCA students can choose: Administration or Leadership and Entrepreneurship. The Administration option is geared toward students who have goals of working in the health care industry. The Leadership and Entrepreneurship option is geared toward high-level executive leadership.


Required courses include:

  • Survey of Health Care Administration
  • Leadership Methods and Styles in Health Care
  • Research and Evaluation Methods in Health Care
  • Legal Issues in Health Care


Research and Faculty

Dr. Jim Hess speaking with students

Not only is the student getting the very best quality education available in Health Care Administration, but they're getting it at the most cost-effective price point available.

- Dr. Jim Hess
Chair and Director, School of Health Care Administration

Meet our Departmental Faculty



Admission requirements include a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 hours of undergraduate work. While not required, outline any health care experience, if any, and how you see the program benefitting your career in the goal statement.
Prepare a one to two page typed double-spaced essay that includes the following:

  • Description of current job
  • Description of current and past health care experience, if any
  • What are your career goals?
  • How will the HCA program help achieve these goals?
  • Why are you applying to OSU’s HCA program?
  • What personal strengths will help you attain your goals?
  • What personal challenges do you face in achieving your goals?

Cost & Assistance

Oklahoma resident and non-resident tuition rates are applicable to students in the School of Health Care Administration. Students who take online courses are charged a supplemental off-campus fee. Online courses require computer skills, computer equipment, and Internet access for full participation. 


Tuition & Financial Aid

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