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CENFEX Facilities

The Center for Fire and Explosives, Forensic Investigation, Training and Research (CENFEX) is located within the School of Forensic Sciences at the OSU Center for Health Sciences in Tulsa.


CENFEX facilities include:

  • Lecture halls with state-of-the-art display capabilities linked to distance-learning systems
  • Training laboratory with student work stations equipped with a heat-resistant work surface, fume extractor and audio/video equipped fume hoods
  • Explosives measurement and test instrumentation lab
  • Explosives range facility

Explosives Measurement and Test Instrumentation Lab

CENFEX has a fully-operational explosives measurement and test instrumentation lab, with the capability of evaluating and testing all types of explosives, and energetic materials, including improvised explosives in both a laboratory environment and a range setting to simulate real world conditions.

The following instrumentation is available in the lab:

  • Gas chromatography mass spectrometry 
  • Liquid chromatography mass spectrometry
  • Bureau of Explosives (BOE) impact test instrument
  • ABL friction apparatus
  • Explosives Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) machine
  • BAM friction device instrumentation 
  • FirstDefender™ RMX Handheld Chemical Identification (Thermo Scientific™)
  • TruDefender™ FTX/FTXi Handheld FTIR for Chemical Identification (Thermo Scientific™) 


Explosives Range

CENFEX has a 320-acre range facility located 45 minutes from the OSU Center for Health Sciences campus.


The new, multidisciplinary range is currently being developed for transportation (Boeing 777 & 737 platforms, small/midsize aircraft, bus and vehicle exploitation), explosive ranges, medical simulation training, shoot house and mock city applications.



All range and laboratory operations conform to FBI Hazardous Devices School safety protocols, to include requirements for non-static clothing and personal protective equipment (PPE).  Emergency medical personal are present during all explosive training exercises. Students attending CENFEX training classes do NOT mix primary explosives, although they do observe instructor-led demonstrations of primary explosives and their chemica

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