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Student Research & Scholarly Activity Policies


1.1       Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences (OSU CHS) is committed to promoting and supporting student research. The OSU CHS Office of Research and Sponsored Programs supports both student driven research and scholarly activity, as well as student participation in the research and scholarly activities of faculty. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs works to continuously enhance student research through coordinating internal funding for student research and providing administrative support to students in good academic standing who wish to pursue internal and external research opportunities. Information and resources can be found at on the Student Research website or by contacting the OSU CHS Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.


2.1      The synergistic relationship of student to mentor in the research environment provides benefit to both and advances the respect, recognition and reputation of the institution. This policy addresses both mentors and students.



3.1      Students may choose to conduct research with mentors doing research within OSU CHS or with external researchers, providing all OSU CHS research policies and procedures, including proper deferral processes, are followed. Students will work with the OSU CHS Office of Research and Sponsored Programs staff to complete all required training and paperwork and obtain OSU CHS compliance approval as needed. This includes submission to applicable ethics committees, such as Institutional Review Board, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, and/or Institutional Biosafety Committee. Failure to obtain approval could result in the student's inability to publish or present their work and/or disciplinary action due to violation of OSU CHS policies and procedures.

3.2      The OSU CHS Office of Research and Sponsored Programs partners with the OSU CHS Medical Library to collect and disseminate scholarly activity through Pure (PUblication + REsearch), a robust Research Information Management System. More information is available online.

3.3      Students should inform the OSU CHS Office of Research and Sponsored Programs of all publications, external research presentations, external funding and awards associated with student research activities. Accomplishments should be submitted using this form.


Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation (COCA): Accreditation of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine. Version July 1, 2019. Relevant Standard 8.4.


OSU CHS Provost’s Office Dec 2019

OSU CHS Executive Team Jan 2020

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