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About ROK-Net

This is a image of the Health Professional Shortage Areas - Primary Care February 2024 Chart.


ROK-Net aims to break down barriers to health care delivery faced by primary care clinicians in rural communities. Constraints range from operational efficiency to care strategies for rural patients to those issues deemed most critical by our rural members. As demonstrated in the map illustrated above, nearly all of rural Oklahoma faces shortages of primary health care  providers. The Health Resources and Services Administration defines health professional shortage areas (HPSA) as communities with 3,500 or more residents served by a single primary care provider, making it difficult if not impossible for providers to address barriers without support.


What are PBRNs?


pbrn chart

Practice-based Research Networks (PBRN) are recognized by and registered with the Agency for Health care Research and Quality (AHRQ). These networks are “groups of primary care clinicians and practices working together to answer community-based health care questions and translate research findings into practice. PBRNs engage clinicians in quality improvement activities and an evidence-based culture in primary care practice to improve the health of all Americans.”


PBRNs have experienced dramatic growth since their inception in the early ’90s. These networks are emerging as critical agents of change for primary care clinics by proactively developing quality improvement, innovation and research initiatives critical to the changing demands on practices and quickly respond to funding opportunities to sustain clinic infrastructure and innovations.

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