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Entrance Policies 

  • ID Cards

    An active ID card must be presented at the main entrance to enter any Wellness facility. Although such a policy may appear to be an inconvenience, it serves the purpose of protecting your interests and rights as an authorized user. Staff cannot type in a name or CWID for entrance.

    ID CARDS ARE NOT TRANSFERRABLE. The card will be confiscated and the patron using the wrong ID card will be required to purchase a guest pass or memberships or may be asked to leave the facilities. The card owner must meet with the staff to redeem the card and regain admission.

    Students, faculty, staff, and members who forget their cards will not be admitted to the facility.

    For students, faculty, staff, and retirees your current OSU ID card is what you will need to enter the facilities.

    Wellness staff cannot reactivate old or invalid OSU IDs.

  • Children in Facilities
  • Alcohol, Tabacco and Food
    • Food is not allowed.
    • No glass containers are allowed.
    • Water, in plastic containers with re-sealable caps is allowed.
    • Caps should be kept on containers when not in use, to prevent accidental spilling. 
    • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the premises.
    • Consumption, or suspicious involvement with alcohol, will be grounds for expulsion and possible exclusion from further Wellness services.
    • Oklahoma State University is a tobacco-free campus. Smoking and the use of all tobacco products are prohibited.
    • Gum should be thrown away before entering the building.
  • Pets and Animals

    No pets or animals of any kind will be allowed in the facilities with or without a leash. As a reminder, only dogs specifically recognized by Pete’s Pet Posse and dogs identified as service animals as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act are allowed in campus buildings. Other than in the case of these limited exceptions, pets and emotional support animals are not to be in campus buildings.

  • Bicycles, Skateboards and In-Line Skates
    • Bicycles, Skateboards, and In-line Skates are not allowed in any of our facilities.
    • Bicycle racks are located outside. Do not park them anywhere else or they will be confiscated by CHS Security or cut loose by management and placed in the bike rack.
    • Bicycles left for more than a couple of days in the racks will be referred to CHS Security for removal.

Additional Policies 

  • Dress Code
    What to wear:
    • Shirts that have an armpit gap that is less than the width of your hand.
    • Shirts that cover full torso and do not expose skin below bra line in back.
    • Shoes must be closed-toed and properly protect the feet.
    • Shoes must be worn except in the pools, locker rooms, and group fitness rooms.
    • Shorts/pants should be free of belts, studs, rivets and zippers.
    • Shorts cannot expose the buttocks.
    • For safety reasons, jewelry should not be worn during any activity.
    • Shower shoes are suggested for use in locker rooms and showers.
    • All clothing must meet public decency standards.
  • Cardio Equipment
    How to use cardio equipment safely:
    • Proper usage as determined and designed by the manufacturer is required.
    • Do not grab electronic consoles – use the handle bars.
    • Do not steeply incline the treadmills, grasp the handle and lean back on your routine. This is inappropriate and tears up the equipment.
    • Please wipe down equipment after use.
    • No personal items are allowed in this area. Please use the free day-lockers provided for your convenience.
    • Keep hands and feet clear of moving parts while machine is in use. Place hands and feet only on the hand grips and foot pads provided.
    • Please use machines and equipment only for their intended purpose.
    • There is a 45-minute time limit on all cardiovascular equipment. During peak times of usage be courteous and do not stay longer. If no one is waiting, you may reset your equipment.
  • Weight Equipment
    How to use weight equipment safely:
    • Bottled water only.
    • Collars must be used on all free bar lifts with plates.
    • The use of a spotter is recommended on most free bar lifts.
    • Please adhere to dress code posters.
    • Do not neglect or misuse any of the equipment.
    • When performing Olympic lifts, weight must be controlled throughout the movement.
    • Do not drop weights from any height. 
    • Dumbbells cannot be dropped; weight must be controlled throughout the movement.
    • Clean up after yourself and re-rack weights after use.
    • Each participant is only allowed to have one set of dumbbells off the rack at a time.
    • Equipment may not be altered or removed from the rooms unless under the direction of a uniformed Department of Wellness Personal Trainer.
    • Personal items such as backpacks are not allowed in the weight room.
    • Staff members are not responsible for lost or stolen property.
    • Personal training or private instruction at any Department of Wellness facility is restricted to those individuals who are specifically employed by the Department of Wellness for this purpose.
    • No solicitation is allowed.
    • Users are to abide by all staff requests.
  • Behavior and Personal Safety
    • Patrons are expected to display acceptable social behavior while using any of the Wellness facilities.
    • Abuse of staff in any form is not tolerated and will result in expulsion and exclusion for a period of time deemed appropriate by management.
    • If staff ask your cooperation, please adjust your behavior. Uncooperative patrons will be asked to leave the facilities and excluded from its use until deemed appropriate by management.
    • The Department of Wellness reserves the right to take whatever action necessary to preserve the safety and integrity of facilities and programs.
    • Fighting is not tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion from the facilities. Lack of cooperation will result in the OSU Police being involved.
    • Please help maintain a secure environment by watching your valuables carefully, and notifying staff if you see something out of the ordinary.
    • When using the center please consider your own health history, seek counsel from your health provider, and use common sense. In case of an accident or illness, notify a Wellness employee immediately. Your assistance promoting safety is greatly appreciated.
    • Participation is at your own personal risk.
  • Music and TV's

    Limit your personal music to headphones. Portable speaker systems are not permitted in common work out areas.

  • Advertising and Publicity
    • Flyers or posters are not posted for organizations external to the Department of Wellness.
    • Tape is not allowed on painted surfaces or gym floors.
  • Video Surveillance
    • For your safety and security, electronic monitors are located throughout our facilities.
    • If a potential theft occurred in the building, a report should be filed with OSU PD. Department of Wellness staff cannot pull up surveillance footage for patrons.
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