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HEERF 1 (CARES act), HEERF II (CRRSAA), HEERF III (ARP) Emergency Funding for Students

Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences signed and returned a Certification and Agreement with the Department of Education to accept allocated funds from the American Rescue Plan. These critical funds have assisted eligible students to cover expenses related to unanticipated travel, additional technology requirements, or other needs related to the emergency situation. OSU-CHS received in total $332,671 and all funds have been expended as of the fall 2021 semester.




OSU-CHS received $72,067 in CARES Act- Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds that were provided directly to students who were impacted by the disruption of campus and courses being moved to online. Students were sent an email with a link to the application and attestation of expenses. OSU-CHS  provided funds to each student who completed an application stating they experienced an expense related to the COVID-19 pandemic. These funds were awarded to 209 students who were Title IV eligible (FAFSA filers) and the awards totalled $341.75 per student.  


Additional funds were provided to those students who stated they had exceptional expenses. All $72,067 of funds have been expended to students during the spring 2020 semester.



OSU-CHS received $72,067 in HEERF II funds that were provided to students impacted by the disruption of campus operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Impacted students were required to complete an application so that the needs of the students could be determined and distributed based on those most impacted. The funds were distributed to 204 eligible students. The amount provided per student ranged from $69.16 to $512, based on the need of each student. All $72,067 of funds were expended in the spring of 2021.



OSU-CHS received $188,537 from HEERF III (ARP) and distributed $131,600 to 566 students for the fall of 2021. The funds were prioritized by student need and EFC range.


Students with a 0 EFC=$300

Students with an EFC of 1-5000= $200

Students with an EFC above 5000= $150

Students who did not file a FAFSA= $100


Students who had exceptional need were considered for additional funds for the remaining $56,937. Students were contacted directly via postcards and instructed to contact the financial aid office for additional details and requirements. All students at OSU-CHS were sent an application to apply for the award. The remaining funds were provided to 34 students for:

  • Any component of the student’s cost of attendance (COA); or
  • Emergency costs that arose due to the Coronavirus, such as but not limited to tuition, food, housing, health care, mental health care, educational supplies, or child care.
  • The amount per student ranged from $818.50 to $2200.
  • EFC and as well as the amount of expenses claimed were considered when determining the amounts per student.


OSU-CHS also received institutional funds.  All Reports can be viewed at the links below:


See the Public Disclosure for Cares Act in Institutional Funds

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