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Health Sciences

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OSU Center for Health Sciences has established scholarships and opportunities to assist qualified applicants with educational funding. OSU CHS awards nearly $1 Million every year to qualified students.


Scholarships are considered gift aid because they generally do not have to be repaid. Gift aid is sometimes accompanied by service requirements.


OSU Center for Health Sciences scholarships

Below is a list of available scholarships awarded by the OSU Center for Health Sciences scholarship committee. Amounts vary by year per available funding. 


The OSU CHS Scholarship Committee emails students at the end of the fall semester with a single application to apply for scholarships, including the following:

  • Anne & Henry Zarrow Foundation OSU-CHS Early Admissions Scholarship
  • Audrey Hendershot Scholar for Early Entry Rural Physicians
  • Center for Rural Health Annual Scholarship
  • Chickasaw Nation Medical Student Scholarship
  • Daniel E. Overack, Ph.D. Endowed Scholarship
  • David Lee Coons, B.S.E. & Sarah Chuleewah, R. N. Scholarship
  • Diane B. and James S. Seebass, D.O., Endowed Scholarship
  • Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine / Master of Business Administration Scholarship
  • Don E. Stucky Scholarship
  • Dr. Betty Louise Conrad OSU-CHS Early Admissions Scholarship
  • Dr. Indu Dayal Meshri Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. John and Mrs. Eleonora Barson Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Dr. Paul Peter Koro Endowed Scholarship
  • Dr. Richard & Beverly Schafer Family Endowed Scholarship
  • Eastman Primary Care Endowed Scholarship
  • F. L. Reed, D.O. Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • George Kaiser Family Foundation Scholar in Urban Medicine
  • Gratitude to Dr. Candy Ting Scholarship
  • Haynes Endowed Scholarship
  • Inaugural Graduating Class of 1977 Endowed Scholarship
  • James Edward Armendola Memorial Endowed Scholarship
  • Janice Giacomo Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Jennifer A. Mackey Endowed Scholarship
  • John D. Sears Award of Compassion
  • Kathryn Lorene Whiteturkey and Lieu Ray Smith Endowed Scholarsip at OSU-COM Cherokee Nation (OSU-COM-CN)
  • Kern-Headington Endowed Scholarship Fund for Primary Care
  • Marjorie Carpenter Hastings and Richard A. Hastings Scholarship
  • Mary K. Chapman Foundation Primary Care Scholarship
  • Northwest Oklahoma Osteopathic Foundation Endowed Scholarship
  • Osteopathic Founders Foundation Scholarship
  • Osteopathic Legacy Endowed Scholarship
  • OSU Center for Health Sciences Annual Scholarship Fund
  • OSU Center for Health Sciences Early Admissions Scholarship
  • OSU-CHS A Stately Affair Scholarship
  • OSUCHS COM Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship
  • OSU-COM at the Cherokee Nation Scholarship
  • OSU-COM General Scholarship
  • OSU-COM at Cherokee Nation Pettit Family Endowed Scholarship
  • PSO-Martin E. Fate, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Phyllis J and Steven R. Anderson OSU-COM-CN
  • Robin Flint Ballenger OSU-CHS-COM-CN
  • Scott-Koetting Annual Scholarship Fund
  • Shrum Family Endowed Scholarship for Rural Track
  • Shiela and Ted Haynes Endowed Scholarship
  • William K. Warren Foundation – St. Francis Health Systems OSU Medical Scholarship

Service scholarships

To keep your student loan debt down we encourage you to apply for service scholarships through the following programs:


Outside scholarships

To learn about other scholarship opportunities, visit the one of the following online databases.

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