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Health Sciences

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Recruitment and Support

Increase the number of competitive American Indian applicants to OSU-CHS graduate and medical programs through structured activities developed with tribal and institutional partners as part of an educational path - Native Pathways Programs aimed to increase awareness of medical and science careers among high school students and increase preparedness of OSU-COM applicants through academic and financial support programs. 

Native Pathway (NP) Programs

Follow a three-pronged approach to recruit, train and retain AI/AN in medicine and science: 

  1. Increase awareness of health care and science careers among high school students and introduce them to biomedical research
  2. Train and prepare college students in biomedical sciences research and improve their competitiveness for professional and graduate programs
  3. Retain students engaged in these pathway programs through all admissions options including bridge, guaranteed admissions program, and 3+1 program with partner institutions. 


High School Programs


Undergraduate Programs

Accepting Applications for 2024 (deadline is February 1, 2024)


Alternative Medical and Graduate Admission Options

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