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Resources for Faculty

OED is here to help.

The Office of Educational Development (OED) specializes in faculty professional development, resources on instructional best practices, and support with educational technologies. If you would like one-on-one help with anything related to teaching and learning, email us and we'll get in touch with you.


Pre-recorded lectures and instructional videos have become popular ways to deliver content to students virtually so that they can learn at their own pace and spend time in class applying skills (like in a flipped classroom approach). OED introduced Pete's Studio as a space for faculty to create high-quality videos, and we are more than happy to help you get started! See this document for more guidance how to prepare for your recording and tips on making your video as effective as possible. To schedule a studio appointment, use this link: Pete's Studio Reservation


OED is helping faculty to migrate to use of online file storage and collaboration through the use of Office 365 and SharePoint. For more information about the use of SharePoint and the advantages it offers, please refer to our recent professional development session. Most faculty should have access to the needed folders in the CHS Course Documents SharePoint site. Follow the link and use the document libraries to store your course documents securely in the cloud.


OSU-CHS COM faculty advisors can track student performance on exams using ProgressIQ. You must login with your okey credentials to access  ProgressIQ.


OSU-CHS has transitioned away from using Cicsco WebEx for video conferencing needs. Our new provider is Zoom. Zoom offers many advantages to WebEx, including ease of use. If you need access to Zoom for your work at OSU-CHS, please contact the CHS Helpdesk.


Professional Development (PD)

Check out all of our PD presentations in our archive, including live session recordings, webinars, and online tutorials.

Professional Development Archive


Instructional Strategies

Check out this page for more information on numerous instructional strategies that can boost student engagement and teaching effectiveness in your classes.

Instructional Strategies


Educational Technology

For a list of educational technologies and support resources, check out this page:

Educational Technology

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