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Health Sciences

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Graduate Certificate in Medical Sciences

The Graduate Certificate in Medical Sciences (GCRT in MSCI) is an academic credential earned after completing a one-year program of focused study. The GCRT in MSCI is designed to prepare students to become more qualified applicants to medical school, masters and doctoral programs; or serve as a standalone educational achievement to assist in career development. Students admitted to this program shall receive access to Student Success services and follow-up in such a manner to provide the necessary support mechanisms to increase their probabilities of success. OSU is home to state-of-the-art technology, esteemed faculty, and excellent staff, thereby providing outstanding education and experience.

Graduate Certificate Admissions

Learn more about admissions requirements and how to apply.  


Curriculum for the Graduate Certificate Program

The Certificate Program consists of four courses offered over the course of a summer, fall, and spring term:  

  • Summer- Clinical Anatomy for Allied Healthcare BIOM 5122
  • Fall- Graduate Medical Physiology BIOM 5616
  • Fall- Medical Biochemistry BIOM 5215
  • Spring- Medical Microbiology and Immunology BIOM 5316

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