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Health Sciences

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Biomedical Sciences Research

Faculty participating in the Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program have a diverse range of research interests spanning several academic disciplines including neuroscience, immunology, microbiology, physiology, pharmacology, cellular biology and molecular biology.

Research Areas

  • Molecular interactions of beneficial microorganisms with the host
  • Vertebrate paleontology and paleobiology of early mammals
  • Targeting and trafficking of neuronal receptors
  • Roles of opioid receptors in pain and analgesia
  • Regulation and modulation of synaptic glutamate receptors
  • Molecular biology of simian herpes viruses
  • Biochemistry of hormone action
  • Cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate the assembly of cilia and flagella
  • Role of glutamate metabolism during chronic pain and spinal injury
  • Neural basis of social attachment
  • Neurotoxic mechanisms of low-level metal exposure
  • Neuroimmune signaling
  • Hormonal regulation of inflammation
  • Modeling of cardiac rhythms in health and disease


Faculty Research

From cytogenetics and molecular genetics to vertebrate paleontology, researchers at OSU Center for Health Sciences are making new discoveries everyday.


Faculty Research Interests

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