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D.O./M.S. in Biomedical Sciences Dual Degree

The D.O./M.S. Dual Degree is offered to medical students interested in medical research and/or academic medicine. This degree is ideal for the future physician who wishes to maintain an interest in research while also treating patients in a clinical setting.


Students in the D.O./M.S. program must complete requirements for both the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree and M.S. in Biomedical Sciences degree.

Program Sequence

D.O./M.S. students are expected to complete the M.S. portion of the degree in two years (i.e., the summer between MS I and MS II) and the entire program within seven years. The M.S. degree is conferred when the graduate degree requirements are complete.


Generally, students pursuing a D.O./M.S. degree will take 20 semester credit hours of course work in the first year of the program. Students in good academic standing at the end of their first year will matriculate into the D.O. program as first year medical students the following year.


Students in the D.O./M.S. degree program may choose to do either the non-thesis or thesis option for the M.S. degree. There are some degree requirements that are unique to the D.O./M.S. degree program.


Nine semester credit hours will be transferred from the course work taken in the first year of the D.O. degree program (i.e., year 2 of the D.O./M.S. degree program) and applied towards the M.S. degree. D.O./M.S. students are expected to complete the requirements for the M.S. degree in the summer term between the first and second year of medical school (i.e., between MS-I and MS-II years).  Failure to do so will delay entrance into the second year of medical school.


Biomedical sciences graduate students should submit a Plan of Study prior to the start of the second term.


Application Process

Track one: Students wishing to receive deferred admission to the medical school and complete their M.S. coursework prior to the first year of medical school should indicate their interest in the D.O./M.S. degree on the OSU supplemental application for medical school. Only students who successfully complete an on-campus interview for the D.O. program will be considered for this track and will be contacted with application instructions by the admissions department after interviews have concluded.


Track two: At any time after receiving an offer of admission to OSU-COM, medical students interested in the M.S. degree may apply to the program and take courses concurrently with the medical school curriculum if accepted.


In addition to submitting the biomedical M.S. graduate application materials, dual degree students must apply separately to the D.O. program. The student must submit an AACOMAS application online and pay the AACOMAS application fee by February 28 their year of matriculation.


Please consult the D.O. admissions webpage for a complete list of application materials and procedures. Dual degree students may substitute the MCAT for the GRE exam.


Admission Requirements Specific to the D.O./M.S. Program

Faculty Advisors

Biomedical sciences graduate students should identify an advisor and work with the advisor to assemble an advisory committee and identify a research project. Students also work with the advisory committee to determine a plan of study. The advisory committee must be selected prior to beginning the second year of the program. The advisory committee should consist of at least three members of the graduate faculty (they must be Members of Group VI in order to participate on an advisory committee).


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