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Procedures for Requesting Accommodations

A student seeking accommodations for a disability must submit to the Committee on Students with Disabilities (via the Assistant Dean of Student Life) a written request for accommodations and written substantiation of the disability--including the requested accommodations-- from a qualified health care professional with appropriate expertise. The student is responsible for paying for all services associated with obtaining substantiation of disabilities and requested accommodations.


Download the Disability Accommodations Request form below:


The committee may request additional documentation from the student's health care provider. After submitting forms to the Office of Student Affairs, the Committee on Students with Disabilities will determine whether the submitted documentation adequately establishes the student’s disability. If so, the Committee will approve specific actions to accommodate the student’s disability. If not, the Committee will either disapprove the student’s request or request that the student provide additional documentation.


After the Committee determines that submitted documentation adequately establishes a student’s disability, the Committee will attempt to identify reasonable and appropriate accommodations for the student’s disability. The Committee will do one of the following:

  • Approve the reasonable and appropriate accommodations requested by the student or recommended by the health care professional who substantiated the disability.
  • Approve different reasonable and appropriate accommodations that meet the needs of the student as established by the documentation submitted by the student.
  • Conclude that there are no reasonable and appropriate accommodations available for the student. To be reasonable, accommodations must not pose an undue hardship on OSU-CHS, result in a fundamental alteration in the nature of the academic program or activity, or result in an undue financial or administrative burden on OSU-CHS.


After the Committee has reached a decision on a request for accommodations, the Assistant Dean of Student Life or designee will meet with the student.


If the Committee has approved accommodations, the Dean or designee will meet with the student to provide them with a written Notice of Accommodation form signed and dated by the Chair of the Committee and to discuss procedures for enacting the approved accommodations. The form will identify the student and list the approved accommodations to which the student is entitled.


If the Committee has not approved accommodations, the Dean or designee will meet with the student to provide them with an explanation of the Committee’s decision and to discuss concerns the student may have with the decision.


Students may decide not to request accommodations for all courses and clerkships (e.g., a student needing extra time to complete written exams may decide not to request accommodations for a course with no written exams), and the student typically controls who will have knowledge of the student’s confidential disability and accommodation information.


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