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Graduation Requirements

From the date of matriculation, a D.O. student shall be granted no more than six calendar years to complete the requirements for graduation. D.O./Ph.D. and D.O./M.S. students shall be granted no more than nine and seven calendar years, respectively, to complete all requirements. Requests for additional time must be approved by the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. A student who has satisfactorily completed all academic requirements and who has been recommended by the College faculty may be awarded the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) degree, provided the student has:


  1. No un-remediated “D” or “U” grades and no grades of “I;”
  2. Satisfactorily completed all clinical rotations;
  3. Complied with all legal and financial requirements of the College;
  4. Exhibited the ethical, professional, behavioral, and personal characteristics necessary for the practice of osteopathic medicine;
  5. Demonstrated acceptable competence in the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required of an osteopathic physician;
  6. Passed COMLEX-USA Level 2, both cognitive (CE) and performance (PE);
  7. Been recommended for graduation by the faculty and appropriate College bodies;
  8. Attended the commencement ceremony (only in unusual circumstances and with prior approval of the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will a degree be awarded in absentia); and
  9. Met the graduation requirements listed in the Academic Standards Handbook and Catalog.
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