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Graduate Certificates (GCRTS)

GCRTS at a Glance

Program type: Graduate Certificates

Credit hours required: 12 

Delivery: Online

Concentrations: Health Care Administration, HCA-Finance, HCA-Global Health

Experience: No prior health care experience required

Admissions: View requirements


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Graduate Certificate in Health Care Administration 

Number Credits Course Name
HCA 5013 3 Survey of Health Care Administration
HCA 5123 3 Research and Evaluation Methods in Healthcare
HCA 5033 3 Legal Issues in Health Care Administration
HCA 5063  3 Healthcare Compliance

Graduate Certificate in Health Care Administration - Finance 

Number Credits Course Name
HCA 5083 3 Financial Structures of Healthcare Organizations
HCA 5213 3 Advanced Cases in Healthcare Finance
HCA 5163 3 Healthcare Accounting and Auditing
HCA 5063 3 Healthcare Compliance

Graduate Certificate in Health Care Administration - Global Health 

Number Credits Course Name
GLHE 5103 3 Introduction to Global Health
GLHE 5143 3 Relief and Development in Global Health
GLHE 5153 3 International Health Systems
GLHE 5173 3 Emerging Global Infectious Diseases

Graduate Certificate in Health Care Administration - Compliance

Number Credits Course Name
HCA 5993 3 Clinical Operations Management
HCA 5063 3 Health Care Compliance
HCA 5033 3 Legal Issues in HCA
HCA 6053 3 Advanced Health Care Law


The School of Health Care Administration at the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences is proud to offer four graduate certificate programs. The certificates are in Health Care Administration, HCA-Finance, HCA-Global Health, and HCA-Compliance.


These certificate are designed to provide students the opportunity to gain a base knowledge to supplement their work in the academic discipline they have chosen.  Students who are pursuing degrees in areas such as business, finance, information systems and analytics can prepare themselves for positions with health systems and health organizations through these certificate programs. Students in the Master of Health Care Administration or Master of Global Health programs may also enhance their academic disciplines by adding one of these certificates to their curriculum. Students who earn a certificate will have a distinct advantage over others in an employment recruiting circumstance.  


Please note, these graduate certificates are separate from theMaster of Science in Health Care Administration and theMaster of Science in Global Health programs. Acceptance in any graduate certificate program does not constitute admittance with any Master’s program within the School of Health Care Administration. Students seeking to complete both, a certificate program and a master’s program, will need to apply and be admitted separately.

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