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Welcome to the Program/Next Steps

Welcome to the School of Health Care Administration. Once you have been admitted, please follow these preliminary steps to get set up in the various Okstate systems.

Setting Up Your OKEY Account:

To enroll, you will need to set up your okey account. 

  1. Go to, and click on ‘Okey Activation.’
  2. Follow the steps from there. This will also give you access to your OSU email account. 


How to Enroll:

Once your account is established, follow these steps to enroll:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Log in with your okey credentials
  3. Click on self service
  4. Click on the “student” tab
  5. Click on Registration (XE)
  6. Click on Register for classes
  7. In the “terms open for registration” tab, click on the arrow and choose the appropriate semester.
  8. Before you enroll, please wait for your advisor to send you instructions on what to enroll in.


Enrollment Holds:

If you log in and you see holds preventing enrollment, please follow the instructions pertaining to the different types of holds: 

  1. Advisor hold: email me and let me know the courses you are planning on enrolling in for each semester and I will lift your hold.
  2. Immunization Holds: If you have questions about your record submission, please call UHS at the number found in the link
  3. 1is2many Training Required: Please allot for at least 75 minutes for the training. Part two is not required
  4. Bursar Registration Hold: Bursar accounts typically need to be below $500 for the hold to be lifted; if you have extenuating circumstances, please call one of the bursar offices for options at the link
  5. Grad College Needs Transcript: Please send your official college transcripts to Now that you are admitted, you may not be required to submit these for your first semester, but you will for the second, so getting it taken care of now will prevent enrollment delays in future semesters. 


Course Delivery


All course content for the School of Health Care Administration is delivered through Canvas


Course content should become available to you through Canvas 1-2 weeks prior to the start date of the semester.

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