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Ambassador Coordinators



Sarah WSarah Wilkinson

Campus: Tulsa


Undergrad: Pittsburg State University, B.S. in Biology and Spanish

Hometown: Overland Park, KS

Specialty Interest: Obstetrics/Gynecology and Family Medicine



Advice: Medical school is hard. You will have your good days, and you will have your bad days. you cannot dwell on things you cannot change, but instead, remind yourself that you are here for a reason. Keep your heads up and work toward your dreams because you will someday change patients' lives!

Why I chose OSU-COM: I chose OSU-COM because of It's dedication to producing well rounded physicians. Every year, they have physicians who match into a variety of specialties. I believe this reflects the school's ability to analyze the class's success before improving the success of future classes. They support every student's accomplishment, listen to their students, and implement change. 


  • Campus Involvement
    • I am the Class of 2025 Secretary! I oversee creating our weekly schedule with all our classes, labs, clubs/events, birthdays, assignments, etc. so that everyone is in one place! 
    • I am the Family Medicine (SAACOFP) treasurer. I keep track of our budget and help in other aspects. 
    • I am a member of the Global Medicine Club. Last December, I went on a study abroad trip with this club to provide medical care to rural towns in Veracruz, Mexico. I am planning on going on the trip this December as well. 
    • I am a member of the Pediatrics Club, SAAO (OMM), OOGSA (OB/GYN), SIM Club, and StORM (Rural Medicine). All these clubs do various events/volunteering opportunities throughout the community. They do drives for local women's shelters, provide education about preventative health conditions, and volunteer at health clinics. Most clubs also host residents and physicians in their field, so you can ask questions and see what a typical day looks like if you pursue that field. 



Juan Del RosarioJuan Del Rosario

Campus: Tulsa


Undergrad: The University of Oklahoma, B.S. in Biochemistry

Hometown: Edmond, OK

Specialty Interest: Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Family Medicine



Advice: Don't be afraid to admit if you don't know something- ask questions! This will help you reach whatever your goals are. 

Why I chose OSU-COM: I chose OSU-COM because everyone I interacted with made sure that I did not feel left out. They know how to communicate verbally and non-verbally and can give me the necessary resources. 


  • Campus Involvement
    • I am the Vice President of the Emergency Med club where we try to bring in all the programs in the state to talk to the students so that we have an idea of what each residency program entails. 
    • I am the treasurer of the Internal Med Club, where we invite different specialists to talk so that students can paint a picture of how general internal medicine is. 
    • I am a member of the OMM club, which I joined to hone my osteopathic hands better. I am a member of the Family Medicine club, a free club, and I am interested in family medicine, so it's a win-win.
    • I am a representative for the Student Learning Resources Committee in Tulsa. As part of this committee, I try to bridge the students with our faculty and staff so that different issues can be addressed- this way, students can focus on studying rather than trying to figure out how to use something before they can study. 
    • Lastly, I am an Anatomy TA. I had to put in much time in the anatomy lab last year, so I decided to apply to be a TA to teach the students the tricks I learned when I was in their shoes. 


Areli VillarobosAreli Villalobos

Campus: Tulsa


Undergrad: Oklahoma State University, BSAG in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Hometown: Ponca City, OK

Specialty Interest: Pediatrics and Family Medicine




Advice: Medical school will challenge you in ways you have never been challenged before but give yourself some grace and remember why you want to be a physician!

Why I chose OSU-COM: I fell in love with OSU as an undergraduate due to the school's emphasis on student wellness and not just academics. OSU-COM has many resources for students to care for themselves and become the best physicians possible. 


  • Campus Involvement
    • I am Vice President of the LMSA Club. As a Mexican American, It is important for me to build relationships with and support fellow Latino students while reaching out to the surrounding Latino population to provide resources, education, and care. 
    • I am Treasurer of the Pediatrics club. Pediatrics has had my heart from the beginning! I wanted to be a part of an organization where I could learn more about pediatrics and maintain my passion for it by helping plan and execute educational events for parents and their children.  
    • I am a member of the OMM Club (SAAO). To be the best DO I can be, I need to perfect the techniques I will use to treat patients adequately. So, I mainly joined this club to practice and improve my OMM skills. 
    • I am a member of the Christian Medical Association. My faith is why I applied to medical school. I wanted to find a community of believers where I could grow in faith and form intentional relationships. 


Nicholas SimonNicholas Simon

Campus: Tulsa


Undergrad: Langston University, B.S. in Biology

Hometown: Muskogee, Oklahoma

Specialty Interest: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Family Medicine, and Psychiatry




Advice: Try not to compare yourself to classmates. Your journey in medical school will be unique and have its ups and downs. If you focus on yourself, you will reach your goals for sure!

Why I chose OSU-COM: I chose OSU-COM because they care for their students. We are provided with resources, from mentors to free study materials and amazing wellness opportunities. OSU-COM truly has our best interest in mind and rallies for our success in all avenues!


  • Campus Involvement
    • I serve as vice president of the Student National Medical Association (SNMA), which is committed to increasing representation in medicine. 
    • I serve as president of the Medical Interdisciplinary Specialties Club (MISC), which aims to expose students to various specialties such as neurology and ophthalmology. 
    • I serve as secretary for the Student Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (SAMPOS), which informs students of medical career opportunities in the military. 
    • In addition to the executive positions I hold, I'm also a member of the Internal Medicine Club, OMM Club, and Family Medicine Club, all of which provide me an array of opportunities to engage in service and networking ventures. 


Jessica BlalockJessica Blalock

Campus: Tulsa


Undergrad: Northeastern State University, B.S. in Nursing

Hometown: Fairland, OK

Specialty Interest: Emergency Medicine




Advice: Be kind always. Make as many connections as you can along the way. Enjoy every second of the process; it is its own chapter in your life. 

Why I chose OSU-COM: I knew I wanted to go to OSU-COM from the beginning of my journey after working with many OSU-COM Physicians while I was a nurse. It was solidified for me when I began reaching out and showing interest in admissions and recruitment. They helped me grow as a person, a student, and a future provider while I continued my undergrad journey. They continually showed interest in who I was above all else. They guided me with the tools to become a great physician, but they also invested in me to ensure I would be a great person within the community I would provide care to. And I loved and appreciated that. 


  • Campus Involvement
    • I am involved in Emergency Medicine Club. We meet residency leadership groups across the state, volunteer with OSU-ER residents within the community, and volunteer at many other locations across the community. 
    • We also collaborate with Simulation Club (which I am a member of) and simulate Emergency Medicine scenarios to help prepare our clinical and critical thinking skills for real-life scenarios once on rotations. Simulation club does several events throughout the year focusing on using our state-of-the-art equipment to prepare us for real scenarios from inpatient/ICU patients, Emergency/Trauma patients, Peds patients, OB/neonatal patients, and surgical patients with skills we can take with us throughout our journey and healthcare careers. Many health care entities use our simulation lab all over the state to t, such as life flight companies, nursing, and residencies. 
    • I am also a part of the Native American Club, which has opened doors to doing the Tribal Medical Track for my clinical years. I will spend clinical years doing rotations at tribal-affiliated facilities across oklahoma to understand Native health trends better. 


Rachel WilkinsRachel Wilkins

Campus: Tahlequah


Undergrad: Northeastern State University, B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology 

Hometown: Broken Arrow, OK

Specialty Interest: Pediatrics




Why I chose OSU-COM: I chose OSU-COM because of its mission to provide doctors to rural Oklahoma. Living near Eufaula, it is important to me to go back home to practice. OSU-COM has a rural medicine track and a rural residency program in the field I hope to enter. 


  • Campus Involvement
    • On campus, I am the class 2025 Vice President. This is probably my favorite role in medical school because I get to be a part of planning all the events for our class. This includes a 5K, food drive, talent show, end-of-the-year party, and the med gala. I also am part of the Peds club event committee, so I get to help plan events. 
    • I am the StORM club Vice President. This is the rural medicine club. My goal is to practice near Eufaula when I am older, so I am trying to get as much rural experience as possible. The rural medicine club has helped me learn about my options and become a member of the rural medicine track. This track allows me to have most of my rotations for the third and fourth year in rural Oklahoma to learn to care for patients in towns like mine. 
    • I am on the STRIDE research team. Dr. Micah Hartwell leads this. He helps us do literature-based research in fields we are interested in. I have been the first author in manuscript publications and assisted in many poster presentations. 
    • Lastly, I am an anatomy TA who can continue showing students my passion for lab and am a. member of the OMM club, internal medicine club, and surgery club.


Joseph SchnitkerJoseph Schnitker

Campus: Tahlequah


Undergrad: The University of Oklahoma, B.S. in Biology and B.S. in Human Health and Biology

Hometown: Cartwright, OK

Specialty Interest: Internal Medicine




Advice: Medical school is challenging, sometimes more challenging than others, don't be afraid to take some time to rest and recharge. 

Why I chose OSU-COM: OSU's mission of providing quality care to disadvantaged patients such as minority groups was a key reason I decided on OSU-COM.


  • Campus Involvement
    • I am the Vice President of the Gay and Lesbian Advocacy in Medicine club, which promotes quality care for the LGBTQ+ community and increases representation in medicine. I am also the Treasurer of the Clinical Skills club, which is involved in improving students’ clinical skills outside designated classes and labs. 
    • I am a member of the Internal medicine club, designed for students interested in internal medicine and brings information and opportunities about this field. 
    • I am a member of the Health Equity Book club, which aims to increase empathy and insight to improve patient care in the future, especially for historically underserved patients. 
    • I am a member of the OMM club and an OMM TA; both allow me to hone my OMM skills to better my future patients. 




Hannah WingoHannah Wingo

Campus: Tahlequah


Undergrad: Southwestern Oklahoma State University, B.A. in Biochemistry

Hometown: El Reno, OK

Specialty Interest: Primary Care or Internal Medicine



Advice: Putting your best effort into medical school doesn't mean studying every second of the day - it also means taking care of yourself! Take time for hobbies, working out, cooking, and other self-care. If you carve out time for yourself each day to take a break, your grades will also benefit. 

Why I chose OSU-COM: I chose OSU-COM for its emphasis on training physicians in rural and underserved communities. As someone passionate about veteran healthcare, I admired OSU-COM's philosophy and how they emphasized training physicians to combat disparities. I wanted OSU-COM to provide my training as a doctor, so I could learn how to care for these unique populations from the beginning. 


  • Campus Involvement
    • American Medical Women's Association (AMWA): I am the current Vice President of our chapter, and we, as a club, advocate for women in a male-dominant field, along with volunteering and outreach to women and girls of the community. 
    • Family Medicine (SAACOFP): I am a member of this club because I am interested in family medicine and enjoy hearing from current residents and attendings about their experiences, which allows me to get a better idea of the field I may want to enter. 
    • Interal Medicine (SOIMA): I am a member of this club because internal medicine is also one of my interests. Along with hearing from practicing doctors, there are events that the club does that allow us to have hands-on experiences in the SIM lab. 
    • Rural Medicine Club (StORM): I joined this club so that I could learn what it is like practicing in a rural area and the obstacles that these physicians and their patients face so that I can better tackle those when I work in a rural area (which is most of OK). 


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