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High School Outreach

Our goal for our high school outreach events is to showcase each of our programs that we have at the Center for Health Sciences, so that high school students are better equipped with information about the many opportunities they have for a career in the health care field. We focus each of our events around our programs and their current students, so that high school students gain firsthand knowledge about what it takes to become a physician, as well as work in a research based field. We strive to give high school students the information and confidence to know that they can work in the healthcare field.

Events -

Pre-Health Round Up - Students explore diverse careers in health care through interactive experiences tailored to their interest. Learn More


Operation Orange - Attend our free, one-day mini-medical summer camps at six locations across the state. Learn more


Dr Pete's Immersion Camp - Spend some time on our Tulsa and Tahlequah campus and learn about what it means to work in medicine or science. Learn More


Pathway to Medicine - Hear about what it means to be a student on our campus with the virtual or in-person visits. Learn More


OKStars & Native OKStars Summer Research Program - High school juniors and seniors have the opportunity to partner with faculty members to conduct cutting-edge research. Learn More About OKSTARS

Learn More About OKStars Native



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Dylan Tucker    
High School Outreach Coordinator    



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