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Rural and Tribal primary care physicians in Oklahoma are in high demand, and their shortage is expected to increase.  The Office of Rural and Tribal Medical Education and the Center for Rural Health play a significant role in selecting, training, and placing students in these provider-deficient areas of Oklahoma.


From the 3+1 Program and Summer Rural and Tribal Externship to the Rural Medical Track, Tribal Medical Track, the Rural and Tribal Medical Edication and Center work with medical students across the state to increase awareness, dispel rural myths, provide rural and tribal experiences, train upcoming rural and tribal physicians, and develop leaders for Oklahoma’s communities in need. 

Rural and Tribal Education Opportunities for Medical Students

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Summer Rural / Tribal Externship Elective

This two-week rotation is designed to reinforce a student’s interest in a rural practice and to prepare the student for rural and tribal clerkships.

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Rural Medical Track Program

This specialized course of study prepares students for rural primary care residency and practice as well as develops students as community leaders.

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Tribal Medical Track Program

The Tribal Medical Track prepares medical students for a primary care residency (family, pediatric, surgery, emergency medicine, internal medicine, and surgery) at tribal facilities or available facilities focused on tribal healthcare.

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Rural and Tribal Clinical Clerkships (Years 3-4)

Rural and Tribal Clinical Clerkships are required 4-week clerkships designed to provide medical students experience in all areas of rural health care.

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