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3+1 Med Bound Program


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Achieve your professional goals of becoming a doctor through OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine’s 3+1 Med Bound Program. This new admission option allows students to apply to medical school during their freshmen year.

  • How does the 3+1 Med Bound Program Work?

    View the 3+1 Recruitment Chart


    • This new admission option provides eligible OSU freshmen interested in medical school a pathway to interview with the OSU-COM Admissions Committee in their spring semester. 
    • Students spend their first three years of undergraduate studies in pursuit of their bachelor's degree at a partner university. 
    • In their fourth year, students will matriculate to OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine to start their first year of medical school.
    • After successful completion of their first year of medical school, students in the 3+1 Program will be awarded their bachelor's degree from the partner university.
    • After year four of medical school, students in the 3+1 Program will receive their doctor of osteopathic medicine degree.
  • Requirements
    • Must complete 60 hours at OSU following graduation from high school.
    • Be enrolled as a full-time student at Oklahoma State University (OSU) in an approved 3+1 major. (see approved list of majors under degree plans in the last bullet)
    • Must have at least a 3.8 grade point average in high school.
    • Must have graduated from high school in the prior twelve months.
    • Must submit an ACT or SAT score:
      • Achieve an ACT score of at least 28 (or a Scholastic Assessment Test [SAT] score of at least 1300 without writing portion).
      • OSU will only accept the official super score provided by ACT for both
        admission and scholarship consideration.
    • Apply to the program during the first semester of college at OSU by submitting an OSU-CHS 3+1 Med Bound application through the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine Office of Admissions by November 30th.
    • Must submit two letters of recommendation from high school or college
      instructors who have taught them in a graded course.
    • Must be invited to and participate in an interview with OSU-COM during their first year at OSU.
    • Applicants who are invited for an interview will either receive provisional acceptance to OSU-COM or be encouraged to apply for admission through an alternate program or traditional applicant in a future cycle.
  • What are the Benefits?
    • Admitted students will be assigned a mentor currently enrolled at OSU-COM. The mentor will be a helpful resource in answering questions and provide support during undergrad. 
    • There are scholarship opportunities available to students. 
    • OSU offers a pathway for students to complete their degree requirements in three years.
  • Provisional Early Acceptance into OSU-COM
    • Students must maintain a cumulative 3.5 GPA and 3.5 science GPA.
    • Submit at least a 492 on the MCAT by April 30 of their junior year.
    • Complete all remaining undergraduate coursework required for the approved 3+1 degree plan.
  • Approved Majors Listed Below

    College of Arts and Sciences: 

    • B.S. Biochemistry
    • B.S. Biology: Pre-Medical Sciences
    • B.S. Microbiology/Cell and Molecular Biology: Pre-Medical Professional
    • B.S. Physiology: Pre-Medical Sciences
    • B.S. Zoology: Pre-Medical Sciences


    College of Education and Home Sciences: 

    • B.S. Nutritional Sciences: Human Nutrition/Pre-Medical Sciences


    Ferguson College of Agriculture: 

    • BSAG Agribusiness: Pre-Veterinary Business Management
    • BSAG Animal Science: Pre-Veterinary/Pre-Medical
    • BSAG Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Pre-Medical or Pre-Veterinary Science
    • BSAG Entomology: Pre-Veterinary and Pre-Medical


    Visit Pre-Professional Academic Support Services or for more information.


    You can also schedule an advisement with an OSU-COM Recruitment Specialist to discuss this admission option or any of our programs.


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