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ACOFP OMT Procedure Modules

Beginning with the Class of 2017, students will be required to complete the ACOFP OMT procedure module that has been assigned to each department while on rotation.  The list below provides information on the specific chapter that has been assigned to each department. 


In order to successfully complete this requirement for each rotation, you will need to read the assigned chapter in Somatic Dysfunction in Osteopathic Family Medicine, 1st Edition, watch the assigned video, and complete the short quiz using ExamSoft within one week following the rotations end.


Rotation Chapter/Video
OB/GYN Chapter 9: The Female Patient
Surgery Chapter 10: The Surgical Patient
Internal Medicine I Chapter 18: The Patient with Hypertension
Internal Medicine II Chapter 19: The Patient with Congestive Heart Failure
Pediatrics Chapter 8: The Pediatric Patient
Community Hospital I Chapter 12: The Geriatric Patient
Community Hospital II Chapter 16 & 17: The Patient with Upper and Lower Respiratory Tract Infection
Emergency Medicine Chapter 14: The Patient with Otitis Media 
Community Clinic Chapter 13: The Patient at the End of Life
Elective/Vacation Chapter 11: The Athlete
Family Medicine OMT is integrated into patient care at the Health Care Center. All students are evaluated on their skills, use of OMT, and understanding of OMT Principles. Every student attends daily didactics over common problems seen in Family Medicine, somatovisceral and viscerosomatic reflexes are discussed and specific techniques are included. Each student turns in one case that is evaluated, which utilizes OMT from their rotation time in which they describe the problem, osteopathic findings and the techniques they used to treat.
Rural Medicine All students are evaluated on their skills, use of OMT, and understanding of OMT Principles. Each student will turn in one case that utilizes OMT from their rotation time in which they describe the problem, the osteopathic finding and techniques they used to treat.
Psychiatry Students are required to read Chapter 10: The Psychiatric Patient and Chapter 11: The Addicted Patient, found in e-book entitled, Somatic Dysfunction in Osteopathic Family Medicine, 2nd Edition (2014) by Kenneth E. Nelson and Thomas Glonek.  There is no AV Module associated with this topic.  Time is set aside during the COMAT Prep Day (3rd Friday of the Psychiatry Clerkship) to discuss these chapters (oral examination) with an option by the faculty to administer a written quiz over the reading material.
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