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The Office of Clinical Education conducts a 22-month Clerkship Program for OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine third- and fourth- year medical students.


Clinical education programs, except elective rotations, are located within institutions that either have an affiliation agreement or are under the direct management of the College. The Office of Clinical Education also oversees the application process and scheduling of all visiting students completing rotations at the OSU Medical Center and its clinics.

Clerkship Program

The clerkship program is organized to permit the greatest degree of educational exposure in a practical clinical environment to develop skills in the areas of patient diagnosis and management. The program is directed by individual clinical departments and the Office of Clinical Education.


Students receive education and primary care training in the areas of:


It will be divided into a sequence of twenty-two four week blocks clerkship rotations, including one four week required vacation with an optional four week vacation. Each student will be assigned required clerkship rotations by the Office of Clinical Education. The College reserves the right to make supervising physician and/or site changes when necessary. Each rotation is one month of actual clinical experience.

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