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Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) strives to serve all students at the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences and the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine at the Cherokee Nation. It is our goal to serve the students by representing student opinions, addressing different campus needs through targeted programs and providing opportunities for leadership development in order to enrich the quality of student life.


SGA partners with faculty, staff and the student body to ensure that OSU-CHS and OSUCOM-CN are in a process of constant improvement.


Please contact the Student Government Association at 



2022-2023 SGA Officers

Brooke Hightower, OMSIII, SGA President Emeritus, OSU-CHS 
Emily Sowah, OMSII, SGA President, OSU-CHS 
Trey Gooch, OMSII, SGA Executive Vice President, OSUCOM-CN  
Shaelyn Ward, OMSII, SGA Administrative Vice President, OSUCOM-CN 
Sireene Khader, OMSII, SGA Administrative Vice President, OSU-CHS 
Molly Bloom, OMSII, SGA Secretary, OSUCOM-CN 
Linda Nguyen, OMSII, SGA Treasurer, OSUCOM-CN 


SGA Chair Positions:

Quanisha Roberson, OMSII, Diversity Chair, OSU-CHS 
Ryan Newhardt, OMSII, Research Chair, OSUCOM-CN 
Katie Tucker, OMSII, Public Relations Chair, OSUCOM-CN 
Amanda Mendoza, OMSII, Wellness Chair, OSU-CHS 
Khuong Nguyen, OMSII, Peer Review Chair, OSU-CHS 
Madeline Draper, OMSII, Peer Review Chair, OSUCOM-CN 


SGA Advisor:

Angela Bacon, Assistant Dean of Student Life and Wellness.


Students posing with Dr. Shrum at North Hall Opening


Class Leadership in Tulsa and CN

Class of 2023

  • President: Ben Firth
  • Vice President: Holly Flores
  • Treasurer: Sierra Schupbach
  • Secretary: James Hobbs

Class of 2024 - Tulsa

  • President: Bingham Hightower
  • Vice President: Madison Pastor
  • Treasurer: Brittney Le
  • Secretary: Kelsey Snider

Class of 2024 - CN

  • President: Caitlin Cosby
  • Vice President: Kenzie Enmeier 
  • Treasurer: Kennedy Williams
  • Secretary: Elise Stephenson

Class of 2025 - Tulsa

  • President: Kyle Fitzgerald
  • Vice President: Mauri Lester
  • Treasurer: Wesley Hood
  • Secretary: Sarah Wilkinson

Class of 2025 - CN

  • President: Kyrsten Bene
  • Vice President: Rachel Wilkins
  • Treasurer: Alex Elmore
  • Secretary: Michalah O'Connell

Class of 2026 - Tulsa

  • President: Todd Fernandez
  • Vice President: Emily Kymes
  • Treasurer: Allison Duke
  • Secretary: Lauren Elias

Class of 2026 - CN

  • President: Kelli Swank
  • Vice President: Macy Haight
  • Treasurer: Sean Hayes
  • Secretary: Amy Nguyen

Physician Assistant Student Leadership

Class of 2023

  • President: Aaron Abraham
  • Vice President: Shelby Folger
  • Treasurer: Austin Jones
  • Secretary: Austin Jones

Class of 2024

  • President: Dylan Johnson
  • Vice President: Lauren Chambers
  • Treasurer: Lauren Stotler
  • Secretary: Kamryn Marth


Student Organizations

The OSU Center for Health Sciences and College of Osteopathic Medicine have more than 40 active student organizations and clubs on campus. Clubs often host events and recreational activities that provide opportunities to mentor or network with other students, serve the community, delve deeper into clinical studies, discuss and influence healthcare policy, and just have fun. You can find whatever fits your interests and enhances your life.


To learn more about student clubs and organizations on campus, please visit Presence.  Presence is the Student Engagement portal, where students can go to find information about clubs and organizations, contact their leaders, and explore upcoming events that are happening around campus.


Questions? Please contact the Office of Student Life at


Check out our student Organizations!



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