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Help for the Healer ECHO: 

Supporting Resiliency in Health Care Providers in the Time of COVID

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Get expert knowledge in a virtual learning network with mental health and wellness experts.


Our health care workers have given so much to care for our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, often times at the expense of their physical and emotional health.


The curriculum is aimed at supporting provider resiliency and caring for the care giver, healer, and helper during COVID.


Schedule -

This ECHO program is on hiatus.  Register to receive updates about its return.




What Does the Help for the Healer ECHO offer?

  • Provides a platform to support individuals and organizations on the front line of caring for patients and communities during COVID.
  • Support for resilience, self-care and organizational opportunities addressed at health care workers.
  • Collaboration and ongoing learning with specialists and other clinicians, including but not limited to:
    • Members from psychiatric medicine 
    • Counseling services 
    • Health and wellness specialists 
  • Focusing both on individual self-care didactics and exercises that participants can engage in; as well as, agency and organizational efforts to support self-care and resilience in the workplace setting.


Why Help for the Healer ECHO?

  • The continued presence and exacerbation of the COVID-19 pandemic across the United States, and more notably in Oklahoma, the strain on health care workers is of increasing concern. 
  • A recent survey from Mental Health America notes that:  
    • 93% of health care workers completing the survey reported experiencing stress 
    • 86% reported experiencing anxiety 
    • 77% reported frustration 
    • 76% reported exhaustion and burnout 
    • 75% said they were overwhelmed. 
  • Emotional impacts extend beyond primary care and hospital medicine clinicians and employees to mental health care workers and others. 


Topics -

Sessions will address multiple topics including but not limited to:

  • Stress and the Body: Fundamentals of the mind/body connection
  • Supporting Health Relationships
  • Coping with the Financial Consequences of Pandemic
  • Finding Gratitude
  • Organizational Wellness
  • Sleep
  • Parenting in the Time of Uncertainty
  • Grief and Moral Injury  


Team -

Sara Coffey, DO 

Director of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; OSU-CHS

Tessa Chesher, DO

Associate Clinical Professor, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Infant and Mental Health Specialist, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences; OSU-CHS

Jessica JohnsonProjects Director, Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences; OSU-CHS

M. Shawn Cooper, Jr., MA, LPC, BHWC

Student Counselor, Office of Student Life & Wellness; OSU-CHS


Nikkole Harris

Project ECHO Clinical Coordinator



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