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TeleED - Educational Development - For School Administrators and Educators

TeleED Project ECHO

The TeleED ECHO is a partnership of OSU Center for Health Sciences Project ECHO and OSU-Tulsa. Provides opportunities for superintendents, principals and others in position of leadership, especially for schools in rural areas of the state, to share best practices, receive ongoing and timely professional development and collaborate to help resolve complex issues and questions regarding Oklahoma schools and its students.


TeleED Schedule

We are back Tuesday, September 13th from 12-1 PM, and biweekly each 2nd and 4th Tuesday each month during the 2022-2023 Academic school year.A one time registration is required to join the session.


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Topics -

  • Emphasizing the Human Aspect of Leadership in a Pandemic
  • Understanding a Framework for Conversational Leadership
  • How to Intentionally Communicate with Constituents
  • Dealing with the Stress of Change
  • Nurturing a Leadership Culture in Stressful Times


Team -

Ed Harris

TeleED ECHO Facilitator
Professor Williams Chair of Education Leadership in School Administration, Program Coordinator of School Administration


April Grace


Shawnee Public Schools


Scott Farmer
Fort Gibson Public Schools


Kathy Curry

Associate Professor of Educational Leadership


Jentre Olsen
Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership

Sara Rich
Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

Jaycie Smith
Executive Director of Teacher & Leadership Effectiveness OSDE

Jessica L. Tucker
Clinical Coordinator


Submit a Case

To present a case at an upcoming TeleED ECHO, email to request an ECHO ID number. You will receive an ID and the case presentation form.

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