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OSU-CHS Sponsored Program Structure

OSU-CHS Research and Grants Management Chart

This visual representation depicts the organizational framework of the sponsored programs at OSU – Center for Health Sciences. It illustrates the roles and reporting hierarchy for both pre-award and post-award components. It’s important to observe that the Pre-Award segment falls under the purview of the VP of Research, while Post-Award is administered by the VP of Administration and Finance.

Below are the detailed steps that encompass the sponsored program processing lifecycle within our university's administrative framework, encompassing grants, contracts, and cooperative agreements:


1. Proposal Initiation with the Pre-Award Department (Office of Research):

  • The Pre-Award team collaborates with the Principal Investigator (PI) to compile and submit the proposal.
  • Proposal details are documented and routed to the appropriate stakeholders within the Cayuse system.
  • Comprehensive proposal data is entered into Cayuse for streamlined processing.


2. Execution and Compliance Oversight through the Office of Research:

  • Compliance checks are conducted to ensure that incoming awards align with regulatory requirements.
  • The Office of Research is responsible for negotiating, executing, and formally accepting all externally sponsored awards, subawards, and agreements.


3. Fund Establishment through CHS Post Award Department and GCFA:

  • The Post Award Department at CHS plays a pivotal role in facilitating the establishment of a grant fund. This involves routing the necessary information to the GCFA in Stillwater.
  • It's important to note that Post Award focuses on fund setup exclusively and does not engage in award negotiation, acceptance, or fund establishment.


4. Financial Stewardship and Administration through CHS Post Award Department:

  • The CHS Post Award team takes charge of administering various financial aspects, including salary allocations and the oversight of other expenditures.
  • Financial reporting is handled through systems like Banner, Cognos, and Cayuse.
  • The Post Award team is responsible for managing drawdowns, billing, and invoicing processes, ensuring financial compliance throughout.


5. Financial Stewardship and Administration through CHS Post Award Department:

  • The final phase involves the closure of external awards. This is achieved by collating the final report submitted by the PI and executing the final invoicing process through CHS Post Award.
  • As a crucial step to wrap up sponsored programs, this phase ensures that all financial and reporting obligations are satisfactorily met.


These comprehensive steps underline our commitment to excellence in sponsored program management, encompassing all stages from inception to closure within the university's centralized administrative offices.

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