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Health Sciences

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Research Areas

Researchers at OSU Center for Health Sciences engage in biomedical and clinical research to enhance the health care and well-being of society. Our researchers are on the forefront of specialized discoveries in forensic sciences and vertebrae paleontology.

Biomedical Sciences

Our biomedical research ranges from genetics and pain perception to neurological disorders and artificial vision. Research Spotlight:

Opioid receptors and neuroinflammation


Clinical Research

Clinical medical researchers are conducting trials for new treatments for disease like cardiovascular disease, asthma and respiratory illnesses. Research Spotlight:

A holistic approach to understanding cardiovascular health


Forensic Sciences

Research conducted in forensic sciences ranges from improvised explosive devices to death scene investigation. Research Spotlight:

Detecting illicit drug and explosives labs


Vertebrae Paleontology

Paleontological research spans the Mississippian to the Recent, fossil bone microstructure to long-term patterns in paleobiodiversity and turtles to mice. Research Spotlight: 

Arctic dinosaur life and vertebrate head evolution


Athletic Training

The ARMOR Program provides research, development, testing, evaluation and advanced athletic training services to first responders and U.S. Armed Forces. Learn More:

ARMOR Program



Rural Health & Innovation

Utilizing data analytics, researchers in the OSU Center for Rural Health work to improve rural hospital efficiency and rural health outcomes. Research Spotlight:

OSU Center for Health Systems Innovation 


Strategic Health Institute for Emergency, Law Enforcement & Defense

Maintaining America's front line through Behavioral Science, the SHIELD program was created to support Defense, Intelligence, Law Enforcement and First Responder community’s mental health and wellness.


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