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Conflict of Interest


Conflict of Interest Questionnaire/Disclosure Form


OSU CHS is dedicated to integrity in its missions of teaching, research, and outreach, and in its business activities to fulfill these missions. To maintain public trust in university operations, the Conflict of Interest Review Committee oversees the University's Conflict of Interest Policy and procedures. The committee provides guidance to the community to ensure university compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

  • Filing an Electronic Disclosure with COI SMART

    COI SMART is a web-based application that automates and organizes the process of conflict of interest disclosure.  Its automated interface features a 'smart form' that enables users to quickly and conveniently submit the Disclosure Form.  COI SMART will maintain electronic copies of all Investigators' Form submissions, and, for your convenience, COI SMART will auto-populate previously submitted responses so they will not have to be re-entered year after year.  COI SMART has security controls that enable disclosures to be maintained securely and privately.


    The disclosure form must be submitted on an annual basis.


    Personnel are further charged with the responsibility of accurate and prompt disclosure within 15 calendar days of: (1) a change in status of an existing actual, perceived, or potential Conflict of Interest; and (2) the identification of a new actual, perceived, or potential Conflict of Interest. You may login to your existing annual questionnaire and make a revision to it.

  • Who must file a disclosure?

    The Conflict of Interest Policy applies to all Members of the OSU-CHS community who are in a position to influence or commit OSU-CHS resources. Members who are required to submit a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire include: Senior Management (Vice President, Assistant Vice President, Dean, Department Chair, Director, etc.); tenured and tenure-track faculty; Research (anyone involved in conduct, oversight or administration of research in any way); Clinicians (e.g. DO, MD, PharmD, NP, PA, RN, Supervisors); Supervisors; Individuals who make purchasing decisions (e.g. Pcard holders, vendor selection committee, departmental buyers); Committee Membership on university committees, such as: Institutional Review Board, Compliance Committee, Scientific Review Committee, IACUC, IBC, CHRUC, CQI, Policy Committee, etc.  OSU-CHS reserves the right to require additional Members to submit a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire as it deems reasonably necessary to avoid an actual, potential or perceived Conflict of Interest.


    As it relates to research, the project director or principal investigator and any other person, regardless of title or position, who is responsible for the design, conduct, or reporting of research funded by the PHS (e.g., NIH), or proposed for such funding, which may include, for example, collaborators or consultants.  OSU CHS considers the role, rather than the title, of those involved in research and the degree of independence with which those individuals work.


    Staff and trainees, such as postdoctoral fellows, graduate and medical students, residents and fellows, and technicians who perform research tasks (including, but not limited to: recruit patients, collect data, handle data, enter data into an electronic capturing system, perform experiments, implement a protocol) under supervision but are not responsible for the design/conduct/reporting of research are not considered Investigators for purposes of COI.

  • Conflict of Interest Training

    Personnel filing disclosures in compliance with PHS regulations have an additional responsibility to complete conflict of interest training prior to engaging in PHS-funded research and at least every four years. 


    Access the Training


    Training Instructions




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