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OSU CHS medical students have a plethora of opportunities to carry out research, from hypothesis-based research to clinical sciences and other scientific research opportunities. Many of our faculty at OSU CHS offer oportunities for medical students to accomplish whatever goals they hope to achieve, whether it’s developing an abstract, creating poster presentations, present at a conference or writing a paper. While some students locate research opportunities in the first year, most students carry out research in the subsequent years. What goals are hoped to achieve and when you are ready, we are here to help.


New Opportunity:

Lunch & Learn

April 21, 2021  1pm
Dr. Colony Fugate
Clinical Professor; Pediatrics
Dr. Fugate is the medical director of the Family Health & Nutrition Clinic working with multidisciplinary teams to provide obesity prevention and management services for children and their families.
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Student Research Highlight


Kelsey Snider, MM

Domain Specific Adverese Childhood Experiences and Depression Diagnoses in Adulthood
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