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Handbook for Research & Sponsored ActivityIn support of research and sponsored activities at the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences, this handbook, known also as the Research Handbook, is designed to assist new and established investigators in the conduct of research.

Clinical Trials Pre-Award Form

Submit this form as a notice of intent to apply for participation in a clinical trial

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Pre-Award Request Form


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Travel Form

ALL travel and conference fees which are requested to be charged to a grant MUST be pre-approved at least 5 business days prior to travel

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  • Overview of Sponsored Projects Administration

    Primary Point of Contact:

    Vice President for Research


    In the ten-year strategic plan for the OSU Center for Health Sciences, the University identified the following goals: 

    • Fulfilling the health care needs rural and underserved Oklahoma;
    • Producing graduates who are dedicated, effective, and compassionate community leaders;
    • Providing excellent care and health-related community service;
    • Being a leader and innovator in education;
    • Being the medical school of choice


    Many of these goals are accelerated by the research endeavors taken on by our outstanding faculty and the research administration staff assisting them.


    The Research Office strives to provide a customer-service approach to our researchers, and therefore, offers the following information, templates and forms to guide the research funding process consistently and efficiently.


    Areas of Research

  • Roles and Responsibilities

    To view a full list of OSU CHS Research Administration Staff and their contact information, please click here.

    Are you not sure who you should contact? Click below for a quick look at the primary functions of each administrative section.


    Functional Chart

  • Pre-Award Administration

    Pre-Award Director


    Proposal Preparation and Submission

    Proposal preparation and submission should occur in the following order:

    • PI meets with department/school head to discuss the proposed research;
    • NO LATER THAN 20 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO SUBMISSION DEADLINE. PI makes intent known to the Research Office by submitting the Intent to Propose Form.
    • PI meets with grant manager to discuss nuances of the proposed project;
    • Pre-Award Administration prepares required agency forms with university and college information
    • Pre-Award Administration develops project budget;
    • NO LATER THAN 10 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO SUBMISSION DEADLINE pre-award administration must receive the final budget, justification and SOW. Pre-Award Administration will then initiate proposal routing for necessary college and university signatures, including institutional approval by VPR;
    • PI completes technical content of the project description/narrative and provides to pre-award administration at least TWO BUSINESS DAYS prior to submission deadline;
    • Pre-Award Administration submits proposal.


    Individual faculty may not directly submit a proposal to a funding agency. Pre-award administration serves as the AOR for official submission.


    Data Management Plans

    Many agencies, including NSF and NIH require data management plans be submitted with proposals. Resources for the development of this plan can be found here.


    Organizational Standards





    DMP Tool can be used to develop the data management plan. Use your OKEY login to access.


    DMP Tool

    Further research data information and resources


    Conflict of Interest

    Prior to routing, all faculty proposing to be PI or co-PI must complete an annual Conflict of Interest statement. Please click here for further information and to complete the form.


    Routing Requirements

    ALL proposals must be routed prior to submission. Pre-Award Administration MUST receive the following proposal documents a minimum of a week prior to submission, unless multiple colleges or cost share are involved, then the following documents must be submitted 10 working days ahead of the proposal submission deadline.


    PI’s must provide: 

    • The FINAL budget
    • The final budget justification (see Budget Development for example)
    • Project Summary/Statement of Work

    Pre-Award Administration will prepare the routing sheet for signatures. Adobe Sign may be used for signatures. 


    **Budget modifications will not be accepted after routing has commenced.**


  • Budget Development


    Pre-award administrators will assist in the planning and development of the proposal budget with PI involvement guiding the necessary expenditures to implement the project description. A budget template and budget justification template are accessible below.


    Budget Justification Template


    Two Year Budget Template



    Current Rates

  • Post-Award Administration

    Michael Sauer, Director


    Post-award administration of sponsored research typically is primarily involved with financial management, allowable costs, cost sharing, sub-award agreements, audits, and project close out procedures. 


    Responsibilities and Expectations


    PI Responsibilities:

    • Understand and adhere to university, state, and sponsoring agency policies regarding the administration of the research.
    • Meet the ethical and regulatory requirements for the responsible conduct of research.
    • Obtain necessary certifications and assurances (e.g., human subjects protection, animal care, hazardous chemicals) to conduct the research.
    • Notify the department/school any time there is a change in personnel so that appropriate forms can be processed.
    • Verify personnel time and effort (monthly).
    • Review monthly financial statements for verification of expenses.
    • Complete reports (e.g., progress, final) required by agency.

     Department/School Support:

    • Maintain financial records of project expenditures and fund code balances.
    • Monitor all project expenditures to avoid deficit spending and to ensure expenditures are appropriate.
    • Answer budget questions.
    • Issue monthly financial statements to the project PI.

    Post-Award Administration Support:

    • New Fund Code Creation: When a proposal is funded, the Research and Graduate Studies Office will acquire and provide the PI an assigned fund code number. After receiving this fund code the investigators can make charges on the project.
    • Subcontract Negotiations: If your project includes subcontracted services to an outside entity, the Research and Graduate Studies Office will help with subcontract negotiations.
    • Project Changes: If the PI determines that project revisions are necessary (e.g., revised statement of work, budget modifications, time extensions), the Research and Graduate Studies Office will assist with contract modifications and extensions.
    • Financial Oversight: The Research and Graduate Studies Office provides oversight for allowable (vs. unallowable) charges given agency and budget requirements, monitors appropriate use of purchases and initiates budget corrections.
    • Audits of Project Accounts: If a project is audited, the Research and Graduate Studies Office will facilitate and serve as a liaison between the university’s Grants and Contracts Financial Administration (GCFA) Office and the auditing agency.
    • Progress and Final Reports to Funding Agency: The Research and Graduate Studies Office will submit copies of agency reports (technical and financial) to the university’ Grants and Contracts Financial Administration (GCFA) Office.
    • Project Closeout Procedures: The Research and Graduate Studies Office facilitates project closeout issues between the PI and the university’s Grants and Contracts Financial Administration (GCFA) Office.

    Travel Requirements


    ALL travel and conference fees which are requested to be charged to a grant MUST be pre-approved at least 5 business days prior to travel. Please complete and submit the travel approval form here.


    Travel Form


    Other Resources

    Further Post-Award Resources


  • Compliance

    Amber Hood, Director


    Cayuse is now implemented for use with IACUC and IBC. Please click here to submit through Cayuse.


    For further information regarding each area of compliance, please click the respective link below.

  • Clinical Research

    Svetlana Kurklinsky, Director


    Reference information and how to find clinical trials can be found by clicking here.


    Please use your OKEY login to access the SharePoint repository of Clinical Research Policies.

  • Training Requirements

    Please review and complete the Training for New Research Faculty


    For all faculty with research-related employees, please find the New Employee Safety Checklist as a reference for requirements.

  • Industry and Intellectual Property

    Industry funding must be handled with separate agreements based upon the partnership. Please discuss with the Research Administration regarding what type of agreement is appropriate.


    Sponsored Research Agreement template 


    Research Services Agreement template


    IP Policy Waiver Request template


    The Cowboy Innovations office, housed on the Stillwater campus, is available to provide individualized assistance when intellectual property is being developed. This team can assist with intellectual property protection, industry partnerships, and venture capital funding.


    Further information on current OSU Center for Health Sciences partnerships can be found here.

  • Medical Student Research

    Matt Vassar, Director


    Please refer to the following links for further information regarding medical student research.

  • Additional Resource Links
  • Frequently Used Information

    Authorized Official:

    Vice President for Research  


    Cognizant Federal Audit Agency:

    Office of Naval Research

    800 N. Quincy

    Arlington, VA 22217

    (703) 696-7742


    DUNS Number: 606192896

    FEI/EIN: 73-1383996


    NIH IPF Code: 688801

    NSF Institutional Code: 5300009087

    NAICS Code: 611310

    Cage Code: 1LC34
    Federalwide Assurance Number: FWA00005037

    Animal Welfare Assurance: A3679-01

    USDA Certificate: 73-R-0019

    Type of Institution: Comprehensive, Public, State University

    Tax Exempt Status: Nonprofit, state agency exempt under section 115(a)

    Congressional District: 1st (OK-001)

    State Senate District: 11th

    State House District: 73rd

    Tax Exempt Permit

    Workers’ Compensation Certificate

    OK Secretary of State Registration


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