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Health Sciences

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Dr. Bart Ford with 2 other assistances looking at a monitor.
BILT Official Logo
BILT is a biomedical research lab at the Oklahoma State University Center for Health Science led by Bart Ford, PhD.
Our research integrates psychology, neuroscience, and immunology to understand how adverse environmental and mental health conditions alter immune function and lead to poor health, disease susceptibility, and early mortality. 

Stress & Immunity

BILT is currently investigating how major depressive disorder, childhood trauma, and low-grade chronic inflammation may impact the immune response to COVID-19 vaccinations and illness. Our long-term goals are to identify modifiable targets for the prevention or reduction of the negative health repercussions of adversity.

depressive disorder chart

Early life adversity is associated with poor health and early death in adulthood. This is partly due to disruptions in immune function caused by chronic stress during development.


Visit Us

The Behavioral Immunology Lab of Tulsa (BILT) is part of the OSU Center for Health Sciences
​​​We are located at the Hardesty Center for Clinical Research & Neuroscience ​(1013 E. 66th Pl Tulsa, OK)
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